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Established in 2007, TCR is a team of developmental coaches, facilitators and trainers with diverse skills and a shared ethos. We provide public and corporate development programs and courses to people seeking personal and professional development.
Courses include: NLP, Corporate Training, Coach Training and Coaching


We provide high-value that makes life-changing differences in the real world. Our clients are local, national and global; from elite athletes to multinational CEOs. Professional people engage us because we make a marked difference in their lives and in their organisation's effectiveness.



Our purpose is to add immense value, direction and difference with everyone we meet and work with.



Over 30% of our client base comes directly from referrals from prior or existing customers and speaks for itself.



As trainers and coaches, we make it our personal intention to live each moment with everything that we teach and share. Over many years, our customers have taken the opportunity to experience this and help hold us accountable.



We are constantly researching at the leading edge of the fields of Evolutionary Human Development. These fields include:

Developmental Psychology

NLP and Neuro-Semantics

Integral Theory

The Human Potential Movement



We deeply value the principle of partnering. We are here for each other, for you and for us as partners in life and as a partner for life.

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