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Why do people choose

The Coaching room?

Our Perspective
We sense that people choose The Coaching Room for numerous reasons. For some people we are the first company they happen to come across that offers what they think they are looking for. For others they choose us based on the cost, we offer one of the worlds most current and effective NLP practitioner trainings at what is probably the best price available in Australia, compared with other mainstream 8 day face to face programs! Retailing at some 45% below our nearest competitors.


We offer this cost reduction because we want to give everyone the best possible opportunity to gain the benefits and advantages that NLP can offer.


Other people are moved to choose us based on our existing reputation in the personal and professional development space, in fact over 30% of our current customers are direct referrals from prior or existing customers.

Apply to self

As individual trainers and coaches, we make it our personal intention to live each moment with everything that we teach and share- Over many years, our students have had the opportunity to experience this and help hold us accountable to this principle.

Constant Search

Other people are engaged by the fact that we are constantly looking at the leading edge of the fields for Personal Development, Professional Development through NLP, Executive Coaching and Leadership.

Their Perspective

Of course, we are more interested in our students and customer’s reasons for choosing The Coaching Room or our products. Following are a few of their responses:

For me it was in talking with the trainer- I could hear the trainer was interested in what I was interested and was ok if that didn’t fit with what The Coaching Room had to offer!

The Trainer I spoke with could listen and ask questions like I have never experienced before, ever! I wanted to be able to communicate like that!

I have several friends that have been students with The Coaching Room and I can say they seem truly different, even unrecognizable in how they show up, I wanted some of that.

I didn’t decide to take on The Coaching Room’s coaching services until I had spent some time with their Coach. The Coaching Room offer a complimentary 1 hour session with a coach to identify if coaching is for you, this was great.’

The testimonials, they are awesome and real, with real students, the video testimonials are very emotional for me, this is the kind of company I wanted to have help me in my own development!

I didn’t choose The Coaching Room, my company put me forward for coaching support, I was very skeptical and a little resentful, I am so grateful that they did.

What did you want?
I was looking to be able to relate better with my loved ones
I wanted to release myself from my own perfectionism
I knew I was holding myself back; I wanted to stop doing that...
To free myself from the rut of my habits and over-reactions
To find my own voice and authenticity
To help me get the CEO’s position
I didn’t know, I did know something was missing for me...
I wanted to realise what the point of me was!
As a business and as individuals within The Coaching Room, we realize that we need our students, coachees’ and
corporate clients to be able to be and do what we do.
We also realize that our customers want the quality of personal and professional life available through what we
have to offer. This leads us to deeply valuing the principle of partnering. So our business tag line expresses why
people choose us, it is that; we are here for each other, for them and for us as partners in life and as
a partner for life