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Unleash Your Most Effective Leader

During this Challenging In-Company 3 Day Course You Will:

  • Develop Your Leadership Identity (Transition from managing to leading)
  • Find Out About Leadership Context (Know when to lead and whe to follow)
  • Become Aware Of Purpose and Intention (Re-energise, wake-up, step up and lead.)
  • Understand Meaning and Performance (Create real engagement for yourself and your followers)
  • Maintain Optimum Leadership States (Even under duress or stress)
  • Communicate And Influence Through The Creation Of Real Engagement ( Drive performance through the creation and sharing of meaning)
  • Learn To Lead Other People From One State Of Mind-Body-Emotion To Another State Of Mind (Maintain optimum leadership states under stress through emotional intelligence)
  • Discover The Significance And Necessity Of Relationships In Leading Others (And the level of increased influence you will experience)
  • Understand The Relationship To Time And Management Of Priorities (Spend more time leading and less time managing)
  • Structure A Well Formed Outcome Conversation With Other Managers, Leaders And Employees (Identify and tap motivation in themselves and others to achieve the organisation’s outcomes)

Upon Completion Of This Course You Will:

  • Be On Your Way Toward Identifying And Understanding What's Most Important To You (Your purpose and vision about leading, enabling you to become a more grounded and stable leader.)
  • Understand What It Takes To Be A Good Leader (How to become a leader who cares about people, leads the highest and best in people, and who is enlightened enough to be effective and transformative.)
  • Be Able To Create A Deep Understanding Of Where You Are (And what your developmental pathway as a leader could be, should you choose it)
  • Be enabled, as a leader, to create real engagement for yourself and your followers. (Leading to greater personal and professional productivity.)
  • Know how to more effectively challenge your organisation, team or individuals. (On what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how they doing it.)

Exceed Your Expectations Through This Three Day Course

  • Unleashing Leadership is designed for managers and executives transitioning to and exceeding expectations in, middle and upper Management and Executive roles.
  • The course is designed to be both challenging and supportive, and as such, is aimed at individuals who are ready to make the transition from Management to Leadership.
  • The Managing Partners of TCR that run the program are themselves Executive Coaches – with over 25 years of combined Executive Coaching experience.

Take the Next Step With The Coaching Room

The Coaching Room’s Unleashing Leadership course is the premier method to help bring out and empower your people’s capacities to lead their people more effectively.

To find out more about this powerful methodology:

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A challenging and confronting 3 days that has changed who I am forever. Joseph and Jay have the ability to facilitate enlightenment like no one I have ever met.

- Sarah White Forbes, Shire Council Manex Team

Meet Your Leaders

‘Unleashing Leaders’ Is Co-Delivered By The Coaching Room’ s Two Managing Partners;
Leaders (Jay Hedley and Joseph Scott) In The Fields Of Leadership Development, Management Development And Executive Coaching.

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