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Women In Leadership

2 Day Course
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Corporate Training

2-Day Corporate In-House Training Program

The Coaching Room’s Women In Leadership Corporate Training Program is a Leadership Transition and Actualisation corporate training program for women in the workplace, empowering leaders of the future.

Delivered as a two-day Integral Semantic workshop with a focus on providing both challenge and support in up-skilling, enabling and empowering women to step out, up and lead, going beyond equality. We need more women leaders. Leaders who are more aligned with the elements of compassion and collaboration, leaders who care about people, lead the highest and best in people, and who are enlightened enough to be effective and transformative. 


Are you that kind of a leader? Would you like to be?


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2-Day Corporate Training

What you'll learn

Are you ready to unleash your potential as a Woman in Leadership? Some of the benefits that you can expect from the program include:

  • Gain awareness of identity, strengths and weaknesses of your personality in leadership
  • Knowing when to lead and when to follow, freeing you to more effectively delegate and take control in more appropriate ways
  • The power of intentionality through exploring, understanding and actualising your higher purpose
  • Access to greater energy, vitality and resilience by shifting procrastination and breathing new life into your sense of purpose as a leader
  • Communicate and influence through the creation of real engagement through the creation and sharing of meaning that drives performance
  • Learn to lead other people from one state of mind-body-emotion to another state of mind through emotional intelligence and maintain optimum leadership states under stress.
  • The significance and necessity of relationships in leading others and the level of increased influence you will experience
  • Understand the relationship to time and management of priorities so you can spend more time leading and less time managing
  • Structure a Well Formed Outcome conversation with other Managers, Leaders and employees – to facilitate buy in and accountability structures Identify and tap motivation in themselves and others to achieve the organisation’s outcomes

This IS Women in Leadership

‘This IS Women in Leadership’ is part of The Coaching Room's (TCR) Women in Leadership corporate training programs. Our experience is that for too long, the core support mechanisms for women in leadership have been absent in the corporate world.

Organisations are beginning to wake up to this as they experience a shift in approach to engagement and leadership by their staff - to a more facilitative, collaborate, relationship-based (Maslow’s theory Y) leadership Model. In 2008, The Coaching Room launched “Women in Leadership”, a monthly sponsored breakfast series in support of women in the corporate world. Through our experiences in these workshops, we designed and created “This IS Women in Leadership”.

This program is about up-skilling, enabling and empowering women to step out, up and lead. It is about going beyond equality (why would women aim so low! :)

These programs are conducted by TCR’s Managing Partners for female Managers and Executives alike.

On these training programs, your participants will learn from and with trainers (that are using the skills and knowledge taught on this program) that are working with and coaching and empowering leaders every day.

This enables participants to learn and ask about real life scenarios of problems and possibilities, specifically as women in leadership. This also gives them the benefit of learning about and understanding the challenges of leaders and leadership in Australia.

‘This IS Women in Leadership’ is a leadership workshop that is about women and their unique, individual leadership. This is a workshop, which gives the participant the advantage of individual growth within a group, allowing them to show up more and more authentically, in a safe, yet challenging environment.

Throughout the program, utilising the Enneagram Personality profile and Crucible Conversations, the participants will be able to reflect, identify and create a map of their ‘current way of being’ as a Leader.

This provides each participant with a clear understanding of their own leadership style, utilising strengths and understanding ‘weaknesses’ to inform their leadership development (toward their potential) in a ‘different way of being’ as a leader.

This leading edge process enables the participant to get real ‘in the moment’ feedback from the trainers and peers as well as the shared understanding that we are all in a very similar place.

Throughout the program participants will be defining their unique expression as a woman in leadership - to recreate their own leadership style in a way that both works for and challenges them. This will awaken within them the opportunity to identify and understand what's most important to them (their purpose and vision in leadership) about leading, enabling them to become a more grounded and stable leader.

Leadership Outcomes

1. Developing your leadership identity

During the program, participants will come to understanding (gain awareness) of self (identity) and the strengths and weaknesses of their personality in Leadership. This enables the participant to begin unleashing existing potential in service of the organisation, the people and themselves.
This will give the participant greater certainty, resilience and confidence, which helps with the transition from managing to leading.The benefit of this process is to understand who the participant needs to be, in order to really begin to lead.

2. Leadership context

Understanding the environments (culture, people, expectations etc.) in which the Leader Leads. As Leadership is contextual and situational; no one is ever, always a leader. This enables the participant to know when to lead and when to follow, freeing them to more effectively delegate and take control in more appropriate ways. Thus engendering greater followership as people around them experience greater clarity of purpose.

3. Purpose and intention

The participants will discover the power of intentionality through exploring, understanding and actualising their higher purpose. This leads to an alignment between intention and attention. This in turn provides the participants with access to greater energy, vitality and resilience by shifting procrastination and breathing new life into their sense of purpose as a leader.

4. Meaning and performance

As a leader each participant will learn to be about creating and sharing meaning. Here we will share with them the meaning performance quadrants, demonstrating how meaning drives performance, period. This then enables the participants, as leaders, to communicate and influence through the creation of real engagement. Leading to greater personal and professional productivity. The benefit of which will be a more confident and happy followership.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Unleashing Women in Leadeship’ explores emotional states and ‘emotional intelligence’ as a model. As leaders, the participants will learn to lead other people from one state of mind-body-emotion to another state of mind (influencing through emotional intelligence). Understanding the keys to emotional intelligence will give your people the ability to maintain optimum leadership states, even under duress or stress (resilience).

6. Power and skills The participants will explore their ‘powers’ as leaders, identifying their existing resources and potential, to enable them to more fully and completely “do leadership" where and when they want and need to.

7. Relating and Connecting

We will look deeply at the significance and necessity of “relationship" in leading others. This will motivate the participants to develop relevant and significant relationships with key stakeholders and enabling smoother transitions and movement within the organisation. The real benefit here is in the level of increased influence the participant will experience as the depth of their relationships increase.

8. Time (Priority) Management

As a leader, effective management of time is essential. We will address and identify their relationship to ‘time’. Is time a friend or foe to you? Understanding their relationship to time will enable them to have time, and not be had by time. This will also enable participants to prioritise and understand more fully what to say yes to and where to say no. So they will be able to spend more time leading and less time managing.

Key models and lenses we
use to explore your leading

The Enneagram - Leadership Typology Lens

Participants will learn how their personality type informs and dictates how they lead, at their best and at your worst.

The Translation Quadrants

The Translation Quadrants is Integral Model from Ken Wilber and Integral Theory. This model represents 4 irreducible perspectives or dimensions on reality. This model is used as a map to facilitate the participants’ identification of their Current Way of Being (as a Leader), which then enables a Different Way to begin to emerge (as a Leader).

The Meaning/Performance Quadrants

The TIME model is about creating a leadership vision. During ‘unleashing women in leadership’, participants explore the T.I.M.E. model, a simple yet profound tool for developing their leadership vision, a vision containing all the essential components to engage and enable others to follow them. Through this process, participants will more fully know where they're going, enabling them to make greater distinctions and refinements to your leadership direction.

The Integral Semantic Leadership Matrix

This model combines Integral Theory, the AQAL model, Semantic and Semiotic models that elegantly weaves together the unique capacity to facilitate, through your own being and presence, to greater self (and other) awareness, leading to skillful means, action logics, and group dynamics.



Course Design & Actualisation

This IS Women in Leadership is designed for women transitioning to and exceeding expectations in, middle and upper Management and Executive roles.
This program has been used to facilitate team integration (existing Management and Executive Teams) as well as individual Leadership development (within organisations)
The Managing Partners of TCR that run the program are themselves Executive Coaches – with over 25 years of combined Executive Coaching experience.
The course is designed to be both challenging and supportive, and as such, is aimed at women who are ready to make the transition from Management to Leadership.
  It is not for the faint of heart, nor is it a tick the box kind of training programme.
“This was an enlightening, self-exploratory experience. I have come away with mind
churning. Jay was beyond effective and so adaptable to meet the needs of each
member of the group”.

“A valuable course for anyone to more fully understand themselves - TCR help you hold
a mirror up to yourself”.
Office of Environment and Heritage NSW
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