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Next Enneagram Course Starting April 21st, 2022



The Enneagram is a model of the human personality (our conditioning), which is principally taught as a personality typology of nine interconnected structures of egoic conditioning.


This highly acclaimed, Live-Online, developmental, interactive 12-week Integral Enneagram course kicks off again for a 3rd time in April 2022.


The Integral Enneagram program is a developmental, interactive workshop; about understanding the system of personality, that governs how you interpret the world, manage your emotions and behaviours.


The purpose and intention of this program is to enable professional people a powerful space for guided self-reflection, and for those who wish to grow their capacity to work with others to do the same (professional Coaches).

Learn to coach and develop yourself with the Integral Enneagram.

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Who is this for?

Everyone who is interested in self-development can benefit from taking the Enneagram course.

The course content will be particularly relevant to: 

- Coaches, Trainers, and Facilitators working with professional people

- Leaders and Executives

- HR and L&D Professionals


Coaches & Trainers

Greater understanding of the Enneagram can help coaches and trainers of all focuses and levels add new dimensions and tangible value to their practice and clients.


Leaders and Executives

A leader is only as good as the people they lead. When leaders know their Enneagram type and the types of those around them, they are more empowered to improve their own performance and positively influence others.


HR & L&D Professionals

Improving performance organisation-wide requires expert communication and team management skills. HR and L&D Professionals can use the Enneagram to lead the self-development, communication, culture and performance throughout an organisation.


Self Discovery

Take a deep dive into the Enneagram and learn more about how human beings (including you), can more easily move from self-sabotage to self-actualisation.

Are you interested in our Enneagram Course? Fill in this form and we will contact you with a free quiz code to find out your Enneagram type.

Benefits of studying the Integral Enneagram course

We’ve seen how our Enneagram course has helped thousands of people to better understand their own biases and how to overcome them.

Our Enneagram course will help you to:

✔️Understand your real and authentic self and intrinsic value
✔️Learn to let go of judgmental thoughts and love yourself
✔️Trust people and let them know what you truly need
✔️Show up in the world with more confidence, impact and assertiveness
✔️Learn how to let go of things outside of your control
✔️Free yourself from your current biases and negative ways of thinking

Course Delivery

This course is delivered in 12 x 2-hour weekly online live sessions to learn more about yourself and how you can further develop your coaching, professional and interpersonal skills using The Enneagram.



Course Details

Investment: $975 incl. GST 

Next Course Commences: April 21st , 2022

Online Live via Zoom on Thursday's 6pm- 8pm AEDT

There are 12 x 2hr weekly sessions over 3-months. 

Seats are limited!


Online Learning

All participants receive 12 months of unlimited access to our online Learning Management System (LMS) including recorded sessions and additional resources.

✔️Learn from the comfort of anywhere.

✔️Revisit recordings and access additional materials.

✔️Take the course in your own time and at your own pace.



Enneagram Report

Knowledge is power. As part of the Enneagram course, you’ll receive a personalised Enneagram Report with valuable information about yourself that can be applied to improve all areas of your life. 

Enneagram Course Content

Delivered over 12 separate modules, this course is a detailed and focused approach to understanding the power of the Enneagram.

We’ve designed our Enneagram course to be one of the deepest dives into who you are and what you are. You’ll learn with two of the best coaches and Enneagram coaches in Australasia.

Our course also provides you with ongoing post-course support and free membership to our ever-growing community and coaches and trainers.

Over the entirety of the course, we cover:

  • The foundations and history of the Enneagram
  • The nine Enneagram types, including how to recognise your own strengths and weaknesses and successfully navigate those within others
  • How to use your expanded knowledge of the Enneagram through the development and coaching lens
  • How to apply the typology and personality prescribed in the Enneagram to all areas of your life

Session 1 - Foundations of the Enneagram


Take a deep dive into the history of The Enneagram, its application relating to the human psyche and the centres of intelligence.

Session 2 - Understanding type 2 - Helper


Learn how to create rapport, avoid conflict and facilitate growth for this feeling-based type that has a strong focus on relationship. Twos excel at making connections and empathising with the needs and feelings of other people.

Session 3 - Understanding type 3 - Achiever


Threes are feeling-based types, but they channel their emotional energy into getting things done. Learn how to join them in their focus and initiative without taking up too much time from their forward momentum and drive.

Session 4 - Understanding type 4 - Individualist


Many Fours are creatives who excel at expressing universal human emotions. They can often experience a melancholic sense of longing and a quest for wholeness. Join them in valuing style, individualism and depth of feeling.

Session 5 - Understanding type 5 - Observer


Fives are mental types who focus on intellectual understanding and accumulating knowledge. Privacy and personal autonomy are very important to them, and other people may be experienced as intrusive. Learn how to approach fives slowly and thoughtfully.

Session 6 - Understanding type 6 - Loyalist


Sixes are mental types who use their perception and intellect to understand the world. They focus on guarding the safety of the group, project or community. They can oscillate between skepticism and certainty, rebel or true believer. Join them in acknowledging what can go wrong before moving ahead.

Session 7 - Understanding type 7 - Enthusiast


Sevens are mental types who are forward thinkers and forward movers. They usually bring an optimistic and positive attitude to all of their activities. They are interested in many different subjects. Support their growth in staying grounded and balancing their good ideas with common sense.

Session 8 - Understanding type 8 - Challenger


Eights are a body-based type who tend to take charge of situations and step into a leadership role. They are energetic and intense, and they can be intimidating at times to other people. Support them in using their energy in constructive ways and in getting in touch with their vunerability.

Session 9 - Understanding type 9 - Peacemaker


Nines excel at seeing all points of view. This can make it difficult for them to make personal decisions, but at the same time, they can be excellent mediators and peacemakers for others. Learn how to support their growth by keeping the peace but moving out of inertia.

Session 10 - Understanding type 1 - Reformer


Ones are a body-based type with an emphasis on personal integrity and self control. Their attention goes toward seeing and correcting what is wrong, and doing the right thing. Create rapport by valuing their honesty and taking things seriously.

Session 11 - Understanding & engaging with Enneagram dynamics


Through the lenses of Development and Coaching

Session 12 - Facets of unity


Beyond typology and personality.

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Meet the trainers

Jay and Yuliya (both type 8s) have a combined 20 years of experience delivering, coaching, and training using the Enneagram. They will guide you through the course content using a practical, pragmatic, direct, and grounded approach you can trust. Their focus is to build on your own professional coaching and executive-level leadership development.

Yuliya is a certified coach in Enneagram and Transformational Life Coaching. She is also a Leadership and Development Consultant and has supported hundreds of people on their journey to become their best selves.

Jay is Managing Director at The Coaching Room and an Executive Leadership Coach and Facilitator. He has coached high-performance executives, leaders, athletes, sports coaches, and their teams at the most elite levels. Jay’s wealth of experience and knowledge has led him to successfully unleash the potential of thousands of people he has coached and trained.


Former Client Feedback

"Truly excited at my potential after beginning the work on myself for myself. Invariably this has impacted positively those I work with and crucially those I love. Unknowing also probably those I do not have close relationships with. At first my intention was to develop the skills and begin this mission to get something. However after completing NLP live and as I prepare to go on Masters, I am awake to the truth that I will be gaining nothing other than being fully present and living now ! to my true potential. (Damn - I wish I put that on my final worksheet) :). If you have any doubts about doing this work and starting with the Coaching room. Don't - just do it and let the change into your life."

Jake Aliker

High-Performance Coach - Elite Sports

"I wanted to learn about how the brain works and how we can use it for our benefit. I was initially concerned about choosing The Coaching Room because I didn't know if the content was going to be relevant or different from what I already knew. What I found was an amazing amount of new theories, content, ideas and techniques to apply first to myself and then to my clients. All the concepts and exercises were so deep and life changing I am still in aw. The results that I got are amazing. Very well explained theory and specific and relevant exercises for its application. I particularly liked how all the content has a specific application. It is not about learning the content but about how we can apply it to our life to create whatever we want for ourselves and others. This course is the difference that can make a difference in your life. 100% recommended."

Pau Issel

“ Amazing awakening! Would 100% recommend this course to make a difference to work life, family life and personal life. You will not be disappointed!”

Kellie Brooks

“The Coaching Room was recommended to me by a good friend, now amazing coach himself. I had little knowledge of NLP, but after speaking with my friend I was hooked. I had to know more. My journey so far with the Coaching Room has been amazing, terrifying, confusing, ever evolving. The knowledge I have gained about myself and the results I've achieved from the processes have been life changing. I walk around lighter, less troubled with a far clearer way of viewing the world. There is still so much to learn and I look forward to embracing what's next. Thank you to The Coaching Room team.”

Sandra Barling

I’ve participated in both online and in person programs and the work I’ve done with Jay, Joseph and The Coaching Room crew metaphorically held my hand while I consciously uncoupled from something akin to abuse; with the saboteur being my mind. Their programs elicit effective pedagogy, so the sessions aren’t dull, while also combining humour, wit and room to explore your own edges. Be here now.”

Charlotte Coles

“The Enneagram Course provided me with the opportunity to further develop the understanding and skills around my coaching. Having completed the NLP Practitioners Course this was a natural step in creating greater focus to my own thinking but more significantly how I can use this to release the potential of my players and staff. Building on elements outlined in the Practitioners Course, the Enneagram learning took me through the unique traits which surround each and every personality type, how these can play out for the individual and specifically for my coaching, how this can influence the relationships within a team environment. Whilst the tacit knowledge gained within my work environment provided a degree of such informal learning, the course provided clarity around the various elements of each type and through the many discussions and participant examples, live feedback from which key learning was made. I highly recommend accessing this course for not only individual development purposes and the desire to continue on a path to understanding the running of one's own brain but how we can better use this knowledge to transform the development of others for whom we care for and love.

Thank you to Jay and all the staff of the Coaching Room in enabling me to take huge leaps in my own coaching development, much appreciated.”

Gareth Baber

Head Coach Fiji Rugby 7s Olympic Team

“I have been working with Jay and The Coaching Room for almost 2 years and the experience has completely transformed my life; personally, professionally cognitively and spiritually.  Through one-on-one coaching and the NLP Practitioners Course my day to day existence and experience in life at work (in High Performance professional sport) and play has had a profound uplift.  The way I communicate with myself and others as well as how I make sense of the world around me has never been more effective and authentic. Whilst I know I have so much further growth in my journey; what I have learnt so far has released incredible joy. Following NLP Practitioner course with the Enneagram Course has been like frosting on the cake.  I feel like I see myself and the world through a more compassionate, present and joyful lens, with a deeper appreciation for the beautiful intricacies of human personality and character.   I have grown significantly in the way I engage with others and navigate different types of situations, relationships and above all things, the tough stuff. For a more tangible testimony I have received two executive promotions within three months of completing the Enneagram Course with humbling feedback about my unique and powerful perspective and the way I see people.  I don’t believe it’s unique and powerful.  I believe it’s a direct result of the ‘magic’ that is taught by The Coaching Room.

Jay, Joseph and their team are inspiring, challenging, fun, effective presenters and absolute masters of their craft.”

Demelza Fellowes

High-Performance Director - Netball Qld (Firebirds)

Some of the clients we have had the privilege of working with include

HCF Australia
Aristocrat Technologies Australia Ltd
APA group