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Learn "The 7 Leading-Edge Coaching Models Utilised By World-Class Executive Coaches"

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  • The NLP Communication Model
    (How to understand if the coaching topic is actually happening in the real world, or mainly in the client’s inner world)
  • The Meta-States Model Of Reflexivity
    (How to bring many different, thoughts, feeling, states - and even whole movies - to the client’s existing inner world)
  • The Matrix Model For Working Systemically
    (Find out how the concept of time is coded and informs the client’s energies)
  • The Axis Of Change Model For Generative Change
    (How this unique way does not presuppose relapse into old habits and ways once the client has been facilitated or coached)
  • The Self-Actualisation Quadrants Model
    (Discover how meaning drives or undermines performance)
  • The Facilitation Model
    (How you can blend compassion with personal challenge)
  • The Meta-Programs
    (How to pay attention and sort for things in reality and within our own movie-minds)

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