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Leadership Coach, Development Coach, Sales Coach

There is often a continuum between work life and personal life and it is sometimes difficult to separate the two. As a coach I partner with clients to maximize their personal and professional potential, through a thought-provoking, and often-times eye-opening process of asking questions, exploring inner dialogue, beliefs or behaviour patterns. More times than not, the problem presented in a coaching session is not the real challenge or problem, which can be hidden just outside the coachee's awareness.


Whether it's growth and development, performance or leadership coaching, the one commonality is that individuals I work with are looking to be better or understand what is holding them back. Having spent a decade and a half in global senior leadership positions in the high-tech industry, clients seek me out to help them identify what they want and reach their highest potential.


As an experienced Corporate Leader and Coach, I find it incredibly rewarding to see the outcomes of my work and the growth and freedom that follows for my clients.


Other services offered: -

  • Sales Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Sales Training and Consultation.

Download: Coaching Overview & Fee Structure

The Coaching Room’s developmental coaching programs are about challenging, supporting and empowering individuals to take responsibility to evolve as highly effective and functional people.

Client's Say

“During the whole time I attended sessions with Nathan, I felt held, respected, listened to.  But most importantly, the insights were uncanny, at times surprising but always absolutely spot on. Which meant I went away each session with material that would take me days to process and integrate.

But that was the thing, I had material to integrate, I knew we were going forward, I knew that, difficult though it might be, I was heading out of a mental swamp and off my treadmill, and into totally new and exciting territories.

I was led to insights about myself that were real game changers for how I was approaching and dealing with all the important things in my life.  I now feel more healthy mentally and emotionally.

It’s as if I have done an intense yoga course for my spirit.”