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Developmental Personal Coaching

3 Month Coaching Program

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Personal Development

Challenging, supporting and empowering individuals

The Coaching Room’s developmental coaching programs are about challenging, supporting and empowering individuals to take responsibility to evolve as highly effective and functional people

Our Developmental Coaching program is delivered fortnightly in 6-session cycles over a 3-month period. Each cycle has a developmental theme that weaves through each coaching session and practise, as agreed to by the Client and the Coach. It is normal for people to complete 2 or more cycles with their coach.

Part 1 July 1
Part 2 Aug 17
A 3 Month Coaching program

The Developmental Coaching Approach

The Coaching Room’s Developmental Coaching is a process that enables you (the Client) to become more aware of your current approach to situations, people and themselves.

It enables you to see with fresh eyes, new possibilities and then build sustainable new competencies to achieve the outcomes or objectives that deeply matter to you and those you love.

The Coaching Room delivers its Developmental Coaching programs through what we call ‘coaching cycles’. A coaching cycle contains 6 one-to-one (fortnightly) coaching conversations of 60 minutes each.

With every session or coaching conversation, there are 2 key components:

1. New seeing (insights, awareness) – these can be ah-ha moments and realisation of blind spots and shadows and;

2. New doings (actions, behaviours, practices) –include on-going practices to build the new muscles needed for your Developmental coaching objectives.

Scales of Coaching Engagement

A single 6-session cycle can address the needs for developing a new approach to a single incident or situation as well as multiple incidents, what we’d call a current patterned behaviour or attitude. One to two programs (6 -12 session cycle) can be necessary to realise a current approach and develop a new one in a given role or domain at work.

Two to Four programs (12-24 session cycle) tends to occur organically, and usually we are working with and developing the Client to find a new way of being across their entire life- often some behaviour, perspective or attitude that has been running them habitually for many years.

Ongoing ROI and Coaching Evidence

The Developmental Coaching programme is reviewed at the end of every 3 sessions (by Coach and Client) to review:

  1. Coaching direction – are we on track? Are we on topic?
  2. Realisation of objective results – creating and reviewing evidence based KPIs for the cycle (session 1)
  3. Return on investment evaluation – is the coaching delivering beyond the required level of value to ensure it is sustainable?

Other included coaching lenses and diagnostics


Our selective diagnostic instruments provide a sound, measureable basis for beginning the Leadership Development process. They also assist with creating objective awareness of the Leader’s thinking (attitude), their sense of self (beliefs, values, identity), style and approach (behaviours).

The Enneagram Personality Profile (Included)

The Enneagram personality profiling tool is used to facilitate awareness of the Manager’s current way of approaching people, problems, challenges, conversations, delegation etc. in terms of habituated thinking patterns, attitude, behaviours, responses and reactions.

The Self Review process and Well-Formed Outcome (WFO) Survey (Included)

The Self Review process and WFO survey is the Coaching pre-work completed by the Executive to help them identify their current personal, professional and organisational needs.

Lines of Development (Included)

The Lines of Development lens looks at the Executive’s current level of capacity and competency in each of 10 key Developmental Intelligence Lines, and aligns each with the Executive’s Coaching topic and outcomes, therefore identifying developmental blind spots. Lines of Development include Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Moral Intelligence, Interpersonal (relationship) Intelligence, Needs Intelligence, Somatic (embodiment) Intelligence among many more.

(Optional) Developmental Stages Assessment (Additional Cost)

The Developmental Stages Assessment is an assessment methodology for human development, devised by Terri O’Fallon, Ph.D. This stage assessment maps your meaning making by identifying your current worldview (stage of human development). Created from Developmental Psychology, this assessment is particularly useful for Leadership and Organisational Development.

“I am currently doing coaching with Jay and I cannot tell you how it is opening up my life.
I am experiencing people differently and the world has become this exciting wealth of opportunity"

Natalie Wise
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‘The Coaching Room’s developmental coaching programs are about challenging, supporting and
empowering individuals to take responsibility
to evolve as highly effective and functional people’
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