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The Occupant Inquiry™

A 12 Month Personal Inquiry

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What is The Occupant Inquiry™ program about?

The Occupant Inquiry™ program is a service offered and or available to key or select individuals ready to more fully explore their own Human Potential, Peak Performance and possibilities. These are made more fully available through the exploration and dissolution of the representational-self, including, the beliefs, values, identities and other core aspects of the individual’s persona.

It is in essence a 12-month engagement, which although financial, is a deeply personal relationship with both The Coaching Room’s Inquiry facilitator and you, the client.

The Occupant Inquiry process is not a coaching program or a training program. It is not endorsed, governed or regulated by any particular body. It is a personal sharing space based on the direct experience of the facilitator’s personal experience of their own Occupant and pre-occupation with their self, from their direct understanding and realization following their own exploration of their self-constructs and persona (the Representational self).

The purpose of the Inquiry is to support the individual to greater and greater levels of freedom and authenticity. To be more fully able to speak their own truth, from their own heart and gut into the world and their relationships without the concern and attachments to how they would, may, like to be seen or not seen in the eyes of other individuals and society at large; offering a fresh opportunity to explore being themselves and to decide, more fully for themselves what they wish to do and be free from - The Occupant and its voice of the inner judge or critic.

A number of personal development and support practices may be offered or suggested to support your Inquiry in this space. There is no specific outcome, result or goal for this program. It is purely about exploration of your potential and possibilities.

The inquiry process can become an intimate and specific relationship for those individuals ready for a deeper look at the representational self - who they take themselves to be.

The initial step in the process is to request an Inquiry Interview with a facilitator to discuss what you can expect, ask any questions and for the potential facilitator to identify if they are happy to connect with you and facilitate this year long process with you too.

This program is not intended to and does not replace any remedial or psychotherapeutic practices or support requirements. In fact a persona needs to be robust and strong to be able to be seen through.

The Coaching Room’s policy is that if you are currently engaged with any form of professional psycho-therapeutic support, this program will not be suitable or available to you. We can only ask you- it will be up to you to decide and to inform us.

Also, if you have recently been in engaged in such support, please consult your therapist and or your GP for advice prior to your engagement. A written confirmation from either may be requested. We are happy to speak directly to any care provider that you have been engaged with to identify the suitability of this evolutionary work together.

$1050 pm.
$1050 pm.
12 Months

With the Inquiry program I started the process of evicting the judge and the result has been significant.
The noise has quietened. There is less going on in my mind, which means there has been more of me to give – to give to my relationships, my work, my life

James Hayes Junior
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