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NLP Practitioner Certification

8 Day Course, spread over two 4 day sessions


Course Outline

The NLP Certification program is crafted by leading edge practitioners with a specific focus on helping you discover your most effective self. 

We are offering Australia’s most cost effective 8-day face-to-face fully accredited NLP Practitioner Certification training. This world class training provides a comprehensive introduction to leading edge NLP, giving you access to the full range of models with deep understanding and practice, and industry leading benchmarks processes to calibrate your new skills.

Part 1 10th September - 13th September
Part 2 5th November - 8th November
8 Days
Part 1 10th September - 13th September
Part 2 5th November - 8th November

What you'll learn

Are you ready to unleash your highest and best potential? Some of the benefits that can expect from program include

  • Learn to run your own brain – and help others run theirs
  • Manage your own moods, attitudes and states (eg. when public speaking, asking for a pay rise or having difficult conversations)
  • Effectively manage conflict – create healthier interactions
  • Skillfully manage outcomes and agreements (getting the outcomes you want)
  • Achieve high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Create effective rapport with significant others – deepen and accelerate relationships
  • Develop growth in terms of your worldview (capacity to hold more perspectives)
  • Effectively engage and collaborate with significant people in your personal and professional life
  • Lead and influence performance through the creation and sharing of powerful meanings
  • Learn to facilitate outcomes through asking powerful questions that get directly to the heart of the matter
Need payment assistance?

Our 6 months interest free payment plan, allows you to focus on your goals instead
of the road blocks that keep you from achieving them.

The Coaching Room was instrumental in helping me
find meaning in both work and life when I was struggling to
find direction. NLP has allowed me to embark on a path in
which I learn, and grow every single day.
Kim Chipman / Hobart

Ongoing Support

As part of our Community charter, upon successful completion of your NLP Practitioner Training, you will become a member of a supportive international learning community of over 8,000 NLP Trainers, practitioners, coaches and like minded individuals passionate about human growth & development.

As part of this support, The Coaching Room sponsors ongoing monthly NLP and Meta Coaching practice groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane. This is a great place to ground and continue with your learning and development, while connecting with other Practitioners and professional coaches,

Membership is included as part of your NLP Practitioner Course fees, and attending these community practise group will be at no additional cost to you (ongoing).






Meet Your Trainers

Your trainers include the Managing Partners of The Coaching Room,
Jay Hedley and Joseph Scott, as well as James Hayes and Madeleine Robinson.

A Relaxed & Professional Vibe

Through presentations, discussions, and
interactive lessons, we break up our daily
schedule to give you a well rounded
understanding of the practice of NLP.

Still have questions? 

Or perhaps you're the type who likes to dig deeper (we understand!).
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