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NLP Practitioner Course

Our Certified Training Program is designed to provide you with everything you need to become a professional communicator and a qualified NLP Practitioner.

You can Choose the 8-day intensive Face-to-Face option,  Or the Online Live module training, or both.


Course Preview

Who is the NLP Practitioner for?

Our mission is to provide you with the means to further develop yourself, so you can go and fulfill your potential and make your difference in the world.

Managers, Leaders And HR Professionals

Grow and develop your professional communication skills.

Learn how to influence with integrity.

Gain greater clarity, influence, and flexibility in your approach to developing your culture.

Understand how to lead change.

Coaches, Facilitators And Trainers

The NLP Practitioner program is the first module in becoming a professional coach. You can also add NLP to your existing accreditations.

You can apply NLP to becoming a personal, executive, internal corporate, business, sales, PT, career and even a developmental sports coach.

Professional Self Development

If you’ve always wanted to develop yourself and improve your communication skills, then NLP Practitioner training is an ideal way to make it happen.

As NLP is a developmental model, so learning NLP develops you!

This program is perfect for anyone who’d like to learn HOW to become more self-aware, grow their emotional intelligence, have better relationships, and change their personality habits.


Course Options


Face-to-Face Course

8-days Intensive Face-to-Face training

NLP Practitioner Certification

8 days of Face-to-Face intensive training (over 2 x 4-day blocks - Thurs - Sun)

Plus receive the option to participate in our NLP Online Live course and access to our Online Live recordings (over 50 hours of content), when you purchase our Face-to-Face Course

Sydney: NSW Teachers Federation 23-33 Mary St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Upcoming Face-to-Face Course Dates:

Part 1 : 9th - 12th September

Part 2: 23rd - 26th September

2021-07-11 (1)

NLP Online Live Course

25 x 2 Hour Sessions Online Live

NLP Practitioner Certification

25 x 2-hour Sessions, Online Live - Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-8pm AEST

Includes access to sessions recordings and additional resources for a full 12 months via our Learning Management System (LMS)

Review the program live and revisit the learnings as often as you like (for a full 12-months), as you embark on becoming a Professional Communicator.

Become a part of our TCR community where we hold free monthly practice groups to embody your NLP skills further.

Upcoming Online Live Course Dates:

17th August 2021 - 9th November 2021

18th January 2022 - 5th April 2022

Meet Your Expert Trainers

Jay Hedley

Jay Hedley

Founder, and NLP Trainer

Joseph Scott

Joseph Scott

Founder, NLP Trainer

Madeleine Robinson

Madeleine Robinson

Developmental Coach

Download The Course Outline

You can download the Course Outline directly to your device which covers course curriculum, features, benefits, and personal & professional outcomes.

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Why Choose This Course?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is a communication course where you will learn how to master the language of your own mind.

You too can join 1000's of like-minded people, who have learned the core skills, techniques, and strategies of the most proficient coaches and professional communicators on the planet, through our certified NLP training, and take your life to the next level.

Don't just take our word for it, read some of the feedback from our former students below...

Layer 2

Greater Self Awareness

“I learnt how to recognise my own behaviour and thinking patterns and change them”


Improved Emotional intelligence

“I understood how to manage better my own emotions and empathise with others emotional states”

Layer -1

Better Listening Skills

“I learnt how to go beyond simply hearing others, to deeply listen”


Ask More Effective Questions

“I learnt how to ask better questions to nurture and inspire transformational change in my team”


Stronger Relationships

“I gained techniques to positively influence my personal and professional relationships”


Use Language More Effectively

“I learnt how to use language to influence others and speak my truth in challenging situations”


Experience Greater Acceptance

“I felt I tapped into a superpower of confidence and acceptance of myself which in turn helped me to accept others “


Better Understanding of NLP

“I gained greater understanding through the analysis of language, patterns and NLP Models”


Transformative Development

“I experienced the transformational power of NLP through the practice of techniques and throughout the training”

Want To Know More? Watch A Clip Of The Course In Our Webinar Series Below...

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which boards regulate the field of NLP in Australia and Internationally?

NLP and the field of coaching are unregulated fields internationally, which is exactly the same for the field of counselling.

All NLP accreditation bodies (ICF, NLPAA, AANLP, INLPTA, The American Board of NLP and so on) are self-appointed bodies. There's no one single governance body for NLP or Coaching in Australia.

We think it’s important to understand that all of these organisations are private (often for profit) organisations. They are usually founded by NLP trainers and coaches who want to promote their own interested including their own NLP training curriculum and a desire to appear more credible by creating a board, a code of ethics and a constitution.

Who does The Coaching Room certify through?

As all boards are made up; there is simply no higher governance system other than the trainers and coaches who make up the boards themselves. Who are they governed by? Themselves…

The Coaching Room (TCR) is self-governed with the highest standards. Our NLP accreditation forms part of our Integral Developmental Coaching (IDC) program, which aligns with most of the above bodies’ standards for hours and content etc. but transcends them in terms of quality.

We've been teaching thousands of people to grow personally and/or coach with NLP for over 15 years, and we been part of many the above boards over time and TCR is simply not interested in the made-up politics of the NLP and Coaching Industry.

Our focus is on your skill development, to ensure you can practice NLP with skillful means safely and effectively. You can take a closer look at our free program webinar here (incluydes 3 live demonstrations), along with full course content explained.

Is your NLP certification good anywhere?

Yes. For people who wish to get continuing education, our program is usually accepted by the above boards for further training purposes. For those who wish to practice as a professional coach or NLP coach, TCR’s NLP accreditation is an excellent credential.

Who owns NLP?

No one person or company in the world owns the IP, or the rights to NLP. NLP is an unregulated specialty field. Think of NLP like the field of “business”. The name “business” and the field of business are in the public domain. Anyone can enter the field, get training and call him/herself a businessperson.

No certifying body has control over the field of business. No government authority has requirements that stop anyone from calling herself a practitioner of business. NLP is the same.

Is the term “NLP Practitioner” legitimate?

Yes. NLP is a legitimate stand-alone field and has been established for more than 40 years and is supported by academic rigour more recently. NLP has become synonymous with the field of professional coaching (world-wide), because of its approach to both positive and personal construct psychology.

Why become certified in NLP?

To learn how to apply the skills of NLP to personal development (yours and in working with others). This is what NLP is all about. NLP training doesn’t offer legal authority, college diplomas or government licenses. What you get from NLP training is the growth and development of your communication skills.

Are NLP trainers who are affiliated with other certification boards better?

An NLP trainer is only as good as his/her NLP skill and experience. You should evaluate his/her merit based on your experience of the trainer and their students.

How do I choose an NLP training?

Book in a 10 minute Chat with one of our NLP trainers by using this handy calendar link, ask if they have recordings of their demonstrations and practices, or students that you may speak with. There is simply no substitute for this. The trainer will either demonstrate their skill and impress you (or not).

Does the course content change between the Face-to-Face program and the Online live program?

The course content is exactly the same – though it is delivered a little differently through each medium. Both mediums have advantages and therefore disadvantages:

1. Face to face advantages

  • - Delivered over 2 x 4-day blocks as an intensive immersion
  • - Transmission between facilitator and student is clearer and stronger
  • - Sense of community through casual interactions is stronger
  • - More 1-1 interactions with trainer

2. Online Live advantages

  • - Learn in first and 3rd person (you get to watch yourself learn on screen)
  • - Sessions are recorded and placed in you Learning Management System (LMS) for review (again and again) for 12-months
  • - LMS houses additional resources
  • - Cheaper delivery method (half the fees)
  • - Clearer demonstrations (you get to adjust volume, view, picture size, brightness etc.)
  • - Sessions are completed over time, giving more time for integration and practise between sessions

More info on the fees please?

Fees for face-to-face are $3449 and Online live are $1724 including GST

There are 3-month payment plans when you book online. If you require a longer payment plan please CONTACT US HERE.

Why become certified in NLP?

“I understood how to manage better my own emotions and empathise with others emotional states”

Can I chat with a trainer?

Yes absolutely, we'd love to chat. To chat with a trainer, either call us 1300 858 089 or book in our calendar here

Join The TCR Community

Like-minded individuals

Completion of the NLP Practitioner Course signifies the beginning of a lifetime membership of The Coaching Room Community – 24/7 access to over 8000 NLP Trainers, Practitioners, Coaches, Students, and Graduates.

A Place To Connect

The Learning Management System and the Facebook group is a space dedicated to sharing priceless content and insights, communing with others also focused on life, choice and freedom - and receiving ongoing tips and techniques for coaching and personal development.

Presence In The Face Of Reality

There is no expiry on membership to The Coaching Room Community because no other place, space, or person can truly comprehend the lived experience of transferring learned NLP skills to real situations with real people. This is unrivaled day to day support that extends beyond words and instead delves deeper into how a community can genuinely pull together to support one another.

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