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NLP Master Practitioner Course

14 Day Course

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NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

On Completion of this course you will be a nationally and internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner - Certified through; The Coaching Room (Australia) and authorised through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (recognised in over 40 countries world-wide.)

You’ll be recognised for your skillset with a certification that means something. Our NLP system is known around the world for it’s rigorous standards, benchmarks and code of ethics - giving you, peace of mind that you’ll receive the highest quality training, an internationally recognised certification and most of all - the very best skills as an NLP Master Practitioner, that you can get!


Upcoming Dates 1st - 7th October 2020
12th - 18th November 2020
14 Days
Upcoming Dates 1st - 7th October 2020
12th - 18th November 2020


Online Access + Face to Face session

This course is accessible to you at the price at $3,449 .

The Face to Face will take place in Sydney, Melbourne late 2020.

Dates to be determined.

Online Only for $1724

Access for 12 months!

Free recordings and extra training!

Fully Certified

What you'll learn

The Coaching Room is about; being Australia's premier and only, leading edge Meta-NLP Training organisation. This 14-Day Program is a deep dive to the core component parts of Meta-NLP and Mastery via:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Meta-States
  • Meta-Programs 
  • Trance and Hypnotic Induction
  • Timelines
  • Mind Lines 
  • Modelling

Through getting extensive actual hands-on practice with NLP you'll soon be demonstrating patterns, using the processes, models and transformative techniques with your learning partners. So you will know you’ve really gained the a level of mastery in the skills of NLP. 

What this means for you is you’ll be learning relevant, pragmatic, current content and skills for NLP in the 21st century through direct experience. So when you graduate, you will graduate as an embodied, grounded and highly skilled NLP Master Practitioner, all in 14 days! 

It's about YOU. 

While we’ll be training you in mastery in the skills of NLP - the focus of the training will be on YOU. You’ll be learning more about yourself in 14 days than you have in a whole lifetime through the direct realisation of who you are and who you’re conditioned to be; something particularly unique to TCR’s NLP Master Practitioner Course.

You’ll have the capacity to change your life at a moment’s notice; so that you can start living life, based on the way you choose to be, not the way you were told to be.

Transforming yourself not by "becoming" but through the recognition of what you already are - leaving the old habits and patterns behind to emerge with a more centralised, present way of being, if you're ready.

What Will It Cost You?     

Not only are we about being; Australia’s leading, premier NLP training company, we are also offering you Australia's’ most cost effective face-to-face 14-Day NLP Master Practitioner Training.

This course is accessible to you at the price at $5,995 keeping more money in your pocket while getting a world class training. Why? to save YOU money.

And we offer a number of different payment options to make it easy for you.


Join The Community

Upon successful completion of your NLP Master Practitioner Training, you will become a member of a supportive Australian and international learning community of over 8,000 NLP Trainers, practitioners, coaches and like-minded individuals passionate about human growth & development working together since 1996.

Development and change is challenging. You know that, and so do we. However, real, lasting change is so much easier when you have the tools, the know-how and the support you need, you will get and find that with TCR.

So not only will you get 1st class training and support from our experienced and certified trainers. You also get the chance to make friends for life – have access to an extra support network to help you explore NLP,  get that next job, find that perfect career, or work out who you really are and where you could be heading.



Where Will You Learn?

This 14-day program is run face to face at the Sydney University Village in Sydney. 

These venues have an abundance of natural light creating a great learning environment, which: Is comfortable to the senses, helping you feel welcomed, relaxed, ready to learn, evolve and have some fun. Has ample space for training delivery and break out space as you go explore and learn and practice with your fellow students.

So, you will find a stunning learning environment where you will be safe enough to, explore, be challenged and get supported, as you start mastering your skills in NLP.

Take the Next Step With The Coaching Room
The Coaching Room’s NLP Practitioner Course is 14-Days of Transformation, Awakening, Skill Development, and Personal and Professional Breakthrough. 

Learn these skills, apply them to yourself and unleash your best and highest potential in connecting, communicating, coaching and leading others,
if that’s what you’re ready for. 

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By The Way...

You’ll have FREE  lifetime access to your NLP Master Practitioner Course - Once you complete your training!

That means you’ll be able to revisit as a student, refresh and renew your learning at any and every NLP Master Practitioner we run!

Why? So you can relax, learn at your own pace, and take the time to fully and completely embody your learning, while making new connections in mind and with new friends oriented toward their own growth.

Meet Your Trainers

All of our NLP trainers are masters at NLP, qualified NLP developmental
coaches working in and across many corporate and domestic markets,
both nationally and internationally.
So, You’ll be learning with the very best,  supported by an NLP qualified support crew, giving
a deeply engaged learning ratio of around 5-1 students to trainers/leadership crew members. 

You’ll be able to see and experience first hand, direct evidence of - people that have done and
embodied this course, that 
are committed to their personal and professional development.
See, real time examples of individuals living NLP in word, action and profession.
The course has had a profound impact on my life. Although I have done other self-development courses and had a spiritual practice for many years,
I found Master Prac to be unique in its ability to reveal the truth of who we are and the patterned ways of being in the world that hinder personal growth.

Each of the 14 days uncovered another aspect of myself that had been hidden, that my other practices had not revealed. This was always challenging, often fun and sometimes painful.

The facilitators were highly skilled at helping us to go beyond our constructed ideas of ‘self’ to see our true selves,
often with juicy good humour, while creating a safe and stimulating learning environment.
When moments of self-discovery, or more accurately self ‘undiscovery', became difficult they were embodiments of compassion,
guiding us through these moments with love and generosity of spirit.

So what did I get out of the 14-day program? Many things.
First and foremost a deeper understanding of myself and how to overcome the obstacles to my personal growth and professional development.
Second, useful insights and tools for incorporating coaching into the work I do.
Third, I discovered a community of like - minded souls to support me on my ongoing journey and among these some lifelong friends.

I can’t recommend Master Prac highly enough."
Phil Voysey, Founder and Director - Cultural Connexions
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