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Become A Professional Coach And Develop Your Personal Communication Skills

With The Coaching Room's Live Online

NLP Practitioner Course.


Join us at a Free 2hr NLP Live Online Discovery Session.


  • 26 March Online |
  • 23 April Online |
  • 14 May Online 



Simply fill out the form to book your seat and we'll send you a confirmation email.

We're bringing you free online 2-hour information sessions on how to become a professional coach and communicator with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Spring-board your decision to change your career, your life and other's lives for the better and realise your true potential.


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Live online webinars where you can see demonstrations and ask questions about the program and determine which course is best suited to you.

Gain insights into the world's most powerful and pragmatic tools, that will help you accelerate your ability to coach and lead others personal and professional development.

See (and experience) some NLP tools, techniques and methodologies being used to demonstrate what's possible, using NLP.

Making an informed decision about whether learning NLP with The Coaching Room is a pathway you'd like to choose to change your career, your life, and realise your potential as a professional communicator.


So you can change your life at a moment's notice; let go of old habits and re-actions, start living your life the way you choose to be, not the way you were taught to be.

Our Student's Perspective

People choose The Coaching Room for many key reasons. Some of the feedback we've received includes:

  • We have a growing, significant and supportive community of like-minded people, who actively give back to the community that supported them.
  • Our culture of development and self-realisation ignites a drive within our students; many students say that they've finally found what they've been looking for, or that they wish that they had completed the program 10 years ago!
  • That the Meta-Coach Training System, of which NLP is a component part, is way ahead of anything in the market. That our developmental approach to NLP and Coaching creates some of the most effective communicators and coaches in the world.