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A 21st Century Teaching for Awakening

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Are you ready for Awakening?

Are you looking for a Spiritual method or technology that you can utilise yourself to facilitate your own profound and definite Awakening?

Welcome to Moments Awake® a spiritual, self-realising, and awakening movement that offers a pragmatic and systematic approach to Enlightenment. Building on and beyond Eastern esoteric knowledge and Western philosophical developments. Moments Awake® models and maps the human process of Waking Up beyond the 'I am' with ‘System of Awakening’, moment by moment know as Moment 7.

It's time to truly open your eyes...


7 Moments to Awakening

Each of the moments in the Moment 7 system above represents a real perspective, yet a demi-reality preventing us from unlocking the simple truth of how we forgot our true nature and, also, how we can recollect our true selves and realise our essential Identity as No-Self.

During the course of each retreat, we will be exploring, teaching, and investigating you and your own level of awakening and self-realisation through the Moment 7 model. You will discover your Small Self through realising what you truly ARE NOT! We will be exploring and finding the gateway within you to discovering what is actually true and real, beyond personality, beyond the individuation of even the traditional  'Big Self 'clearly opening and merging, in with and as This Moment...

This systemic approach to your own awakening will not be based on your beliefs or faith, simply on your own direct Truth and realising Reality.

We will explore through each moment of YOU, through your old patterns, habits, attachments, and resistance of your ego persona, constantly clearing, clearing, clearing, expanding deeper, higher, and wider awareness of each Moment of You. It will open up immense potential and freedom, spaciousness, and clarity for you in yourself and beyond it. You will complete the Moments Awake retreat, much more fully awake, much more able to direct and deepen your own awakening; Aware and skilled in the use of the Moment 7 model living each moment with a systemic approach toward your fullest Enlightenment.


Our retreat is run over 10 sessions using our Online Live platform.

The sessions are intimate, personalised and you can participate safely from the comfort of your own home with no travel required.

You have the choice of joining the Online Live moments awake retreat for $1349




Moments Awake Online Live: $1349.00

Online Live Retreat

Commencing 18th April 2021, every other Sunday until 22nd August 2021.

Sunday's fortnightly from 10- 12pm AEST

Join from a comfortable and quiet space.

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What's awakening?

Brought you into inquiry - Was so over myself. It was doing my head in! Was so tired of reinventing myself, challenging and pushing myself. It seemed that no matter how much work I did on myself, I was still self conscious and still felt I wasn’t being myself...and who was that anyway?  There was a physical exhaustion and a deep desire to simply be me. Post enquiry - Now, a stillness, a depth, a capacity to hold and behold, access to a more impersonal way of living, a knowing that what is required will reveal itself in the moment. A simpler way of living, with the capacity to be with more complexity. A desire for nothing, a love of being here. A more truthful, creative expression emerging." 

Eimer Boyle

What's awakening?

What bought me in: sick and tired of being sick and tired, frustrated, underlying, anger permeated life despite in numerous amounts of time spent ‘working on myself’ and relating to others was usually coloured and at times challenging, that work was useful to grow up....although there was always something missing and not enough, the world was somehow still personalised! There was also a deep yearn to be free and engage in something more spiritually focussed.
Post inquiry: life is simpler, it has a stillness and depth that wasn’t available before, it’s certainly less offensive / personalised in a much healthier way, relating with people is easier, combined with an emergent stillness and joy in life.
Belinda Anderson
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Be-come part of our growing, awakening,  evolutionary community! There is a movement growing – a spiritual movement of people that have exhausted their resources on all levels using the mind to truly trying to find their ‘selves’ to know ‘who and what they are’. We are poised – we are ready to be and find freedom, transcendence and immanence to retreat from the distraction that is the seduction ground of the Egoing process – referred to as “The Occupant”.


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