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NLP Practitioner Certification

8 Day Course, 12 Hours Per Day

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Course Outline

The Coaching Mastery boot camp is an Internationally recognised Associate Certified Meta Coach Training and Module 3 of the Meta Coach Training System - a system that enables you to coach at a higher level for success and transformation.

We are offering an 8-day face-to-face opportunity for you to experience the joy and excitement of a transformational coaching program that will challenge you to grow into your own power, equipping you with cutting edge skills and business strategies for coaching. This advanced training module culminates in more than 180 hours of coach-specific education and training. It is ideal for those wanting to become a professional coach, or those committed to personal development and self-mastery.


What you'll learn

Are you ready to access your authenticity and mastery as a coach? Some of the benefits that you can expect from the program include:

  • A deep understanding of yourself and how to relate with others
  • Discover the place from which you will excel as a coach and be empowered from your own uniqueness
  • Gain credibility and confidence from a thorough grounding in the most advanced cognitive behavioural coaching models in the field
  • The skills to build a highly successful coaching practice that reflects your values, professional ethics and life ambitions
  • How to provide specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and models to help you know what to do, when, with whom and why during the coaching process.
  • Mark and measure things that would otherwise be vague and ambiguous, while creating metrics for giving sensory based feedback for skill and competency development
  • Access to models, distinctions and concepts at the cutting edge of human development for unleashing of new potentials within yourself and others
  • Find leverage points for learning, insight, resources and changes as you detect higher level patterns and quickly invite new insights, understandings and awareness
  • Clearly understand and recognise the boundaries between coaching and other modalities like consulting, therapy, mentoring and training
Need payment assistance?

Our 6 months interest free payment plan, allows you to focus on your goals instead
of the road blocks that keep you from achieving them.

The Meta Coaching Mastery Bootcamp was a fun, challenging 8 days of personal and
professional growth. The space offered and held, allowed me such growth.
The rigorous benchmarking is so valuable. The journey into my new career has been earned
every step of the way. My ongoing self-actualisation will definitely be of service, not
only to me, but also to all of those I connect with on any level. Thank you!
Jo Gabyn – ACMC Graduate – Sydney, April 2013

Ongoing Support

As part of our Community charter, upon successful completion of your NLP Practitioner Training, you will become a member of a supportive international learning community of over 8,000 NLP Trainers, practitioners, coaches and like minded individuals passionate about human growth & development.

As part of this support, The Coaching Room sponsors ongoing monthly NLP and Meta Coaching practice groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane. This is a great place to ground and continue with your learning and development, while connecting with other Practitioners and professional coaches,

Membership is included as part of your NLP Practitioner Course fees, and attending these community practise group will be at no additional cost to you (ongoing).


A Relaxed & Professional Vibe

Through presentations, discussions, and
interactive lessons, we break up our daily
schedule to give you a well rounded
understanding of the practice of Meta-Coaching.

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