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Max Young

Partner at The Coaching Room
Personal, Business and Executive Coach
Australia, International

Executives who engage with me experience a depth of clarity and truthfulness to themselves about where they are now, what it is they really want, and what keeps getting in the way. They engage me for the expansive awareness I bring into coaching - to enable them to see themselves, their business, challenges and opportunities from an entirely different perspective, seeing aspects that they've never seen so clearly before.

The truth is that I will respond to you as a coach, to reveal to you the truth – yet paradoxically, I will not take responsibility for you. I am about facilitating your own responsibility, ownership and choices about what is truly important to you, back to you. This enables us both to let go and show up authentically in service of you stepping into possibility.

If you would like to discuss Executive Coaching for yourself or someone in your organisation, please feel free to schedule a 20 minute chat with me using the form to the right. Below you can download further information on our Executive Coaching services.

Speak soon.


Download: Coaching Overview & Fee Structure

The Coaching Room’s developmental coaching programs are about challenging, supporting and empowering individuals to take responsibility to evolve as highly effective and functional people.

Client's Say

I had lost momentum and was trying to get unstuck. Max creates a space where you can feel safe - and explore what is creating resistance in your journey. He is calm, nonjudgmental - and fully present in the moment with you. He gently asked questions that helped me get out of my own way. And last week I started rolling again. Navigating that mindset terrain is tricky. If you are feeling stuck, I would encourage you to reach out. Max is awesome. Losing momentum is death for an entrepreneur. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to reach out, but I am glad that I did.
- Kam Kunimoto / Entrepreneur