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Madeleine Robinson

Developmental Coach & NLP Trainer
Australia, International

I Provide an optimal coaching environment that supports and enhances a client’s ability to step into their full potential.

My aim is to create a safe and supportive space for my clients, that encourages personal motivation, self-awareness and an understanding of where they are now and where they want to go.

Through my coaching, clients access their own individual personal power allowing them to experience the wonder and joy of taking charge of their own lives.

If you would like to discuss Executive Coaching for yourself or someone in your organisation, please feel free to schedule a 20 minute chat with me using the form to the right. Below you can download further information on our Executive Coaching services.

Speak soon.


Download: Coaching Overview & Fee Structure

The Coaching Room’s developmental coaching programs are about challenging, supporting and empowering individuals to take responsibility to evolve as highly effective and functional people.

Client's Say

“I came to Madeleine seeking to improve my leadership skills and deal with the complexities of family, work, life balance. Madeleine’s coaching allowed me to question old frameworks which created anxiety and didn’t allow me to manage my emotions, time and achievement of objectives. Madeleine’s coaching enabled me to create a clear vision of what I actually wanted and enabled me to achieve both personal and professional goals.”
Judith Jones – Business Development Manager