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Losing the mind and finding the freedom



In these six chapters which invite you to realise the possibility of you. Not the you, you take yourself to be based on your past or you in the future. YOU in this moment. Here are a few key pointers as to what you will discover:

  • YOU are not your 'personality'.
  • Learn how we as human beings make meaning and find here tools to support this understanding.
  • YOU are not your past or the future, this is a construct of your mind.
  • No-one can make you think or feel, this is all within your personal power.
  • Realise that the choice is yours, am I choosing to choose?
  • Learn that freedom is available to you when you can lose the mind and BE.

Simply SUBMIT THE FORM and you'll have taken the first step to opening your mind to a new way of thinking and being.

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