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In an increasingly complex world, many leaders are ill equipped in leading and engaging people through the arising challenges.

Is this you?

Learn how to become a grounded leader with the confidence, conviction, tools and motivation that will inspire people to follow you.

Our Integral+Leadership® Practitioner program is about creating self-managed, self-actualising leaders; first with themselves, and then their teams and organisations.

You will learn new tools, skills and ways to communicate that unleash your scope of influence, so you can achieve significantly different performance results, whilst becoming an enlightened leader, who is able to lead without ego or attachment.

Who Is This For?

This program is for all leaders (present and future) whether you want to lead yourself, your team or organisation or clients.

You may be:

  • A manager or executive who’d like to lead through being rather than doing
  • An entrepreneur who’d like to lead a later enlightened business and develop yourself and your people more effectively
  • A coach and facilitator who’d like to learn about leading and coaching developmentally
  • A professional who’d like to learn how to lead your own and others development

On completion of this program you will:

  • Become clear about a model for leading from the 5th person perspective
  • Gain meta-awareness and go beyond yourself in leadership; beyond ego, identity, beyond the strengths and weaknesses of your personality to lead authentically and transparently
  • Understand how you may be holding yourself back from leading effectively
  • Learn to lead, persuade and influence yourself and therefore others, through new perspectives, lenses and frames
  • Understand how authority works in relationship, and how to lead through engagement
  • Learn to lead contextually through understanding the key roles of leading
  • Become a master at giving and receiving sensory based developmental feedback
  • Learn how to facilitate fierce conversations that confront, awaken and engage your followers
  • Lead change through identifying competing commitments
  • Lead yourself and others, plan and learn to listen through the lens of the Integral Quadrants; 4 perspectives on yourself others - in making decisions, creating different cultures, new behaviours, creating environments and leading systemic change
  • Learn to lead developmentally through the lenses of levels (stages) of human maturity and development (Developmental Psychology)
  • Understand how a later stage team and organisation looks and functions, and learn how to create them
  • Create a different way of being as a leader through the Bill Tolbert’s Developmental Action Inquiry Model

"The Coaching Room became involved in training and coaching like we had never experienced before, and 100+ employees from across all levels and sections of Council experienced the unique techniques required to get staff thinking and changing the way that we worked together - the change has been astounding - we have taken the 1st steps on our journey of change."

Peter Brooks, General Manager, Griffith City Council

The Executive Team at Beiersdorf Australia Ltd has recently re-engaged us, here at The Coaching Room, to facilitate several of our Integral+Leadership® Suite days toward immediate and contextual clarity and actions. As a leader in their industry; responsiveness and always awakening beyond their current worldviews is a significant business attribute they intend to keep well and truly honed. More from their GM of HR below:

“We have just reconnected “The Coaching Room” after a couple of years to work with our new Management team, in the areas of Leadership and Leading in times of change. 

The reconnection was a breath of fresh air (particularly to the newer members) as the tools and thinking used by “The Coaching Room's approach, are at times confronting (in a good way) but give rise to fresh insights and behaviours not seen through other programs or facilitation.”

Our team is now much more constructive, focused and even insightful in our Leadership (and interactions with each other) we have also now developed an ability to want to Lead in change rather than avoid it.

It is taken our Leadership team to the next level. Money well spent!

Keith Power, General Manager Human Resources, Beiersdorf Australia Ltd

Integral leadership ebook


Program Overview

The Integral+Leadership® Practitioner program provides a leadership framework (a map) for giving Leaders simple, yet profound perspectives.

This course helps unlock the capacities and innate wisdom of the leader, needed to lead themselves, their followers, industry and the stakeholders of today, effectively and successfully into a vibrant and flourishing tomorrow.

Context is the knowledge for all content

At last a map, the map, that truly charts the territory of individual, team and organisational leadership, issues and solutions!

Based on Integral Theory (Ken Wilber et al - an all-inclusive mesh that draws on the key insights of the world’s great knowledge traditions) Integral+Leadership® utilises a single developmental model; The 4-Quadrants, across all 5 days of this program. Making the learning simple, deep and embodied.

The wisdom gained from drawing on ‘all truths’ and ‘all perspectives’ of The 4 Quadrants, allows the Integrally informed leader to bring new depth, clarity and heart to every level of human and business problem and opportunity - from unlocking individual and team potential to finding different approaches to cultural, organisational and global-scale problems.

Integral Theory suggests that all human knowledge and experience can be placed in a four-quadrant grid (The 4-Quadrants), along the axes of “interior-exterior” and “individual-collective”. It offers some of the most comprehensive approaches to reality, to explain how academic and organisational disciplines are brought together and every form of knowledge and experience fit together coherently.

Our Integral+Leadership® Practitioner program awakens and integrates all leadership and organisational development theories on one single page.

Integrally Informed; Applying the model to the training. As a training program, each of the 4 areas of The Quadrants are taught and delivered throughout our Integral+Leadership® suite as follows:

Text Block

Evolutionary Leading

Moving from coping to managing to leading, through situational leading, often rests in active and reactive strategies and behaviours. Our Integral+Leadership® Practitioner program offers the power and agility of contextual leadership that is not dependent on reactivity or the situation.
The contexts, multiple-perspectives and distinctions shared via the Quadrants across this program, provide a living and comprehensive wisdom, once learnt and practiced, seems alchemistic.

Program Day by Day

Day One Tab

This day utilises the Self or Individual quadrants in developing the perspectives, attitude, knowledge and communicating and behaviours for highly effective Self-Leadership.

As the day unfolds, after the initial foundational learnings of the 4 Quadrants are shared, an in-depth exploration of the subjective experience of the Leader and a review and study of real or behavioural and communicative aspects of the Leader occur. Delivered through the quadrants in an effort and intention for creating significant self-awareness, enabling new and different perspectives and responses to be chosen and practised.

The dynamic utilised in this day is one of a developmental awakening from the Leader being subject to their current perspectives attitudes and patterns of personality and reactivity; toward greater objectivity leading to a broader range of capacities and responses.

This process also covertly starts to facilitate and educate the individual Leaders toward a more systemic and integrally informed world-view.

Using developmental action inquiry (DAI- Torbert) the day is wrapped up in formulating several core intentions, for post-workshop engagement leading to realising and becoming a more Integral Leader of Self.

Day Two Tab

This day uses the collective quadrants in the lower left (inter-subjective realities) and lower right (inter-objective environments, systems and processes) of the model in developing contextual Leadership relationships, abilities and systemic actions for engaging and leading others.

With a deep dive into how the organisational and social cultures impact follower attitudes, behaviours and group dynamics. A leader must lead from within their culture (pacing) and yet have the contextual power to not be subject to the culture or others influences from it in their leading people and processes.

The end of accepting the term and norm of ‘culture change’ by working directly upon culture and instead, awakening to the leverage of the 4 Quadrants to lead ‘culture evolution’ through an integral and whole of reality response that impacts and directs a different organisational culture to emerge.

Using developmental action inquiry to formulate core intentions leading to realising and becoming a more Integral Leader of other people and organisational cultures and processes.

Day Three Tab

This day we use the 4 Quadrants to identify a Leaders current way of leading. We start by mapping out the current 4 quadrant profile of each Leader. This process is often complicated to start doing (simply because these areas are so close to us) and often brings up concerns and realisations of just how often we are ‘Out-Of-Date’! with our Leadership qualities, perspectives & attitudes and our actions.

There is usually quite a void in what we imagine we are like as a leader and how we lead. It is often an eye-opener of a morning with lots of delight and disaster floating around in the room. Leaders start to realise that knowing about the ‘gap and any sense of lack is a delightful opportunity toward becoming a more powerful and inclusive operator!

Collective teamwork is engaged during the mid-point of the day to profile, using the 4 Quadrants, an ideal or ultimate Leadership profile for your organisation, a utopian Leader!

Finally, the opportunity to map out across the 4 Quadrants a new or different way for the Leader; identifying and energising different attitudes, identity, energy, behaviours and connective processes moving each Leader toward becoming a more Integrally informed Executive, Leader & Human Being.

Closing the day, using developmental action inquiry (DAI- Torbert) each Leader formulates several core intentions with strategies, behaviours and evaluation criteria, on realising and actioning the identified ‘different way’ as a Leader for post-workshop engagement leading to understanding and becoming a more Integral-Leader.

Day Four Tab

In today’s current and historical organisation situations, the Leadership or Organisational Vision if often well intended, yet, lacking something for almost every stakeholder.

A Leadership vision cannot be 2-pages long; however, that would seem to be what’s needed to keep everyone engaged and happy! With this err of understanding, we often see very complicated, messy and overprivileged Vision statements that are haemorrhaging from multiple locations and places.

Organisations and often misdirected and being ‘lead’ by more people ‘wandering’ than Leading in a collaborative, confident and unified way.

Using all 4 quadrants this day is to assess the current org. or Leadership vision against an integrally informed wide lens; The 4 Quadrants.

Then toward envisioning a more Integrally informed Leadership vision, identifying one crucial aspect from each quadrant to contribute to an overall Integrally informed Leadership vision and statement that enables a timely, intentional, meaningful and engaging vision for the people to follow. Each Leader may have formed their functional Leadership Vision, or they may have contributed to the different, new emerging leadership vision. The dynamic of the need for a collective and individual vision and the relationship between both are explored, shared and discussed.

Closing the day, using developmental action inquiry (DAI- Torbert) each Leader formulates several core intentions with strategies, behaviours and evaluation criteria, on realising and embodying the new or ‘different’ vision as a Leader and how they will engage and inspire their followers, for post-workshop engagement leading to understanding and living a more Integrally informed Leadership vision.

Day Five Tab

Often the problem and the solution and very close to each other. We sometimes as organisational and business leaders, sense something is missing, or we long for something, yet, what? Why does something so simple seem so difficult, no matter what we try?

This day is facilitated using the 4 quadrants lens for analysis of business issues and objectives. If you do not have the whole picture and all of the perspectives and dynamics of a problem or opportunity, it can be very challenging to make and take effective action toward results and issues.

The 4 Quadrants is used to layer over these seemingly tricky and challenging business processes to provide greater and more general wisdom and outcomes. We look not only ‘at’ all the possible arising areas for analysis, but we also look ‘as’ the problem or opportunity from ‘as’ it, from the inside looking out.

These 4 Quadrant processes awaken immense realisations and revelations for the individual, teams and organisational growth.

Closing the day, using developmental action inquiry (DAI- Torbert) each Leader formulates several core intentions with strategies, behaviours and evaluation criteria, on realising and actioning the identified solutions and utilising the 4 Quadrants for the future for post-workshop engagement leading to understanding and leading a more Integrally Informed Business or Organisation.


Our Integral+Leadership® Practitioner public program is delivered in Sydney over 5 days.

Dates: 24th - 28th of July 2019
Location: Sydney Uni Village, 90 Carillon Ave, Newtown
Time: 9am - 5pm each day

If you are looking for a corporate (inhouse) program for your Leadership Team please see our Integral+Leadership® Suite or contact us using the details below.


This program is accessible to you at the price of $3999 incl GST

(which includes 3 x one-to-one Executive Coaching sessions with a TCR Executive Coach).
As a business and as individuals within The Coaching Room, we realise that we need our clients to be able to be and do what we do to make a massive impact and for you to be at the forefront of the changing face of leadership.
And we offer a number of different payment options to make it easy for you.

To reserve your spot or find out more contact:

Jay Hedley Managing Partner
M: 0414 369 363 P: 1300 858 089
Debra Burlington Director Corporate Relations
M: 0438 574 450 P: 1300 858 089
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