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Leadership Practitioner Program


5-Day Public Leadership Development Program

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Leadership Practitioner

Leadership Practitioner Program

A personally disruptive, holistic developmental leadership program designed for you as a Professional Manager, Entrepreneur or Leader in your field will have the significantly greater capacity to lead your teams/boards with cutting edge developmental models - in new and different ways.

Awaken and nurture your leadership potential toward high-performance, self-managed, self-actualising leadership - within yourself, with your teams and within your organisation. Learn the tools, skills and communication to unleash your scope for influence and leadership to transform your team, business and organisation to achieve significantly different performance and results.

$3,999 (Including GST)
Sydney 24th - 28th July 2019
$3,999 (Including GST)
5 Day Course
Sydney 24th - 28th July 2019

What You'll Learn About:

  • The different aspects of the Self in leadership (personality, identity, values and belief structures)
  • How to manage conflict in a way that facilitates collaboration
  • Understanding the practice and roles of leadership
  • How to lead multiple perspectives simultaneously
  • How to really lead a leadership legacy in individuals, teams and organisations.

Upon completion of the program, you'll be empowered with the what, why and how to be a the kind of leader you want to be - grounded with the confidence, conviction and motivation for leadership that inspires people to follow.

A Leadership Training Program Like No Other.

The Coaching Room is about being at the leading edge of human development, evolution and consciousness - translating these insights into evolving and developing people and teams into their immense potential as humans and as leaders.

Our approach integrates (and transcends) the leading edge fields of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), NLP and Neuro Semantics with Integral Theory and Developmental Psychology to enable an emergent, present, authentic expression of leading in thought, attitude, intent, action, vision, social systems and meta systemics.

What this means for you is practical and pragmatic tools to grow your (and facilitate your people’s) leadership potential, so that you can take ownership and responsibility for your own leadership development.

An Integrated Learning Experience

We understand that information is not implementation. That’s why the 5-Day face-to-face Leadership Practitioner includes 3 x one-on-one Executive Coaching Sessions to support you in integrating and applying what you have learned, after the program to not only unleash but actualise your leadership potential.

What Will It Cost You?     

This course is accessible to you at the price at $3,999 Including GST (which includes 3 x one-to-one Executive Coaching sessions with a TCR Executive Coach).

As a business and as individuals within The Coaching Room, we realise that we need our clients to be able to be and do what we do to make a massive impact and for you to be at the forefront of the changing face of leadership.

And we offer a number of different payment options to make it easy for you.


Where Will You Learn?

This 5-day program is run face-to-face at University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney CBD Campus. 

This venue has an abundance of natural light creating a great learning environment:

  • Is comfortable to the senses, helping you feel welcomed, relaxed, ready to learn, evolve and have some fun.

  • Has ample indoor and outdoor space for training delivery and break out space as you go explore and learn and practice with your fellow leaders.

So, you will find a stunning learning environment where you will be safe enough to, explore, be challenged and get supported, as you start experimenting with disruptive leadership.

The 3 x Executive Coaching Sessions will be conducted via Skype at a time suitable to both you and your assigned Coach. These sessions will be 60-minutes each and can be recorded for your ongoing review.

In Addition...

You’ll have FREE lifetime access to your Leadership Practitioner Course - Once you complete your training!

That means you’ll be able to revisit as a student, refresh and renew your learning at any and every Leadership practitioner we run.

Why? So you can relax, learn at your own pace, and take the time to fully and completely embody your learning, while making new connections in mind and with new friends oriented toward unleashing their leadership potential. 


"We have a massive challenge ahead of us. The culture of underperformance and creation of intermittent success is well entrenched both within the office and outside of the office in the wider rugby fraternity. To change this we need to change. To enable us to change we need to be able to clearly identify what is working for us and what is not, addressing those issues that are not working in an open manner and having the ability to open peoples mind to the issues and influencing them to being a part of the journey for change.

There has to be a development of comfort around accountability and being accountable to one another and people understanding that through robust communication and a common language great things can be created which are so strong the legacy is created. This combined with a strong sense of purpose is a key focus for us at this time however I have no doubt TCR will take us on a journey which will teach us even more about the power of collective responsibility and interdependent leadership we never even knew existed."

- Andrew Hore, CEO Waratahs and NSW Rugby

 “Over the two and half year period of executive coaching with Jay, my whole approach to being me in the workplace and elsewhere has transformed and I have been able to see a positive impact on my workplace and other people around me.

Rather than launching into the workplace as the focus of discussion, Jay worked with me and my personality, challenging my frames of reference, long-held unquestioned beliefs and ingrained habits.  Through sometimes gentle and sometimes not so gentle questions, he helped me uncover habituated ways of thinking and reacting to situations which were getting in the way of my performance at work, my ability to facilitate the development of others around me and my ability to reach greater potential in day-to-day life.

A key learning for me has been to reintegrate perceived boundaries among “work”, “leisure”, “health” and “home life”.  Initially, this habituated thinking had me feeling guilty discussing “non-work” matters in executive coaching funded by my work.  But over time, I began to see that showing up as the whole me in the workplace brings full potential to my performance at work, in turn positively influencing the performance of others around me as I invite them to do the same.

During my time with Jay, I also took some of the courses offered by The Coaching Room, which have really helped with further integration of new approaches to working with people and facilitating groups in the role of Managing Director.

I have now moved on to a new phase of development with Jay’s partner in The Coaching Room and will continue to access other programs offered by them – and I stay in touch with Jay.”

- Alex Murphy - Managing Director, UTS : INSEARCH

“I have used I have used Executive Coaches a number of times during my career typically when faced with new work related challenges.

The team at the Coaching Room offer a new higher level of Executive Coaching. Their approach based in Neuro-Semantics and Integral coaching philosophies was able to take me as a person and a boss way beyond what I had previously experienced.

I have engaged the Coaching Room on several occasions over the past seven years. Being challenged by a ruthlessly compassionate coach can be quite confronting, however the rewards in personal growth are incredible. And if you really want the ultimate challenge I can highly recommend their shadow coaching experience.

This will blow away all the layers of self-perception that are getting in the way of being really true to yourself. As managers and executives we are promoted based on our technical skills and abilities and rarely on our people management skills and yet, as team leaders our ability to interact with people is the real secret to success.

The outcomes from my Coaching Room experience gave me significant insights as to who I am and how I operate, it made me a much more in tune leader, colleague, team member, husband and father and that in turn facilitated amazing outcomes from the people around me. It has changed me for the better forever. Are you up for the challenge…”

- Michael Rollo - Former Chief Risk Officer, Leighton Holdings Limited

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The Coaching Room’s Leadership Practitioner Course is 5-Days of Transformation, Awakening, Skill Development, and Personal and Professional Breakthrough - designed to reshape ego boundaries for the enlightened leader.
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