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James Hayes

Partner at The Coaching Room
Executive Leadership & Management Coach & Trainer
Australia, International

Executives engage me to gain a depth of change in their lives; to get real clear on where and why they are reacting to the world, rather than responding from a place of choice. They engage me because they hope to find a softness in their Leading and Managing, one of having nothing to prove and yet paradoxically be able to demonstrate a fierce authenticity as a Human Being –

If you would like to discuss Executive Coaching for yourself or someone in your organisation, please feel free to schedule a 20 minute chat with me using the form to the right. Below you can download further information on our Executive Coaching services.

Speak soon.


Download: NLP Practitioner  Certification Course Outline

Our NLP course is a grounded, experiential workshop for people who want to develop themselves and learn new communication and interpersonal skills.

Client's Say

“I want to thank James for your continued enthusiasm and support over the last two weeks. The coaching sessions were more invaluable than you could ever realise! I wish James all the best and all the power in the world to keep doing what he is doing with coaching, because he is changing lives!”
Claire McWilliam – Sales Manager, McWilliams Wine Group