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Is IPCP for me?

Who can become an Integral+Leadership® Professional Coach With The Coaching Room?

Becoming an Integral+Leadership® Professional Coach requires learning, skills application, feedback and integration

Do you have what it takes to coach at the highest level?

Coaching is a profession like any other. It requires learning, skills application, feedback and integration. Anyone with the willingness to learn, the Dynamic Intelligence to accept feedback, and the intention to grow their cognitive capacity can become an Integral+Leadership® Professional Coach. 

Specifically, this program is for people looking to learn how to coach professionally in:

- Executive Coaching

- Life Coaching

- Career Coaching

- Business Coaching

- Personal Training Coaching (PT)

- Sales Coaching

- HR Corporate Coaching




The IPCP is not a ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ coaching programme

With the Coaching industry being one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, there has been no shortage of competitors looking to take advantage, by selling “Get rich quick as a Life Coach” schemes. These programs often tout Coaching as an easy way to earn incredible amounts of money, with zero qualifications, and hardly any work.

The reality could not be further from the truth. 

Learning to coach professionally with IPCP will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life. It will change the way you think, act, relate and communicate completely. 

Our focus is about your genuine growth and development as a human being and as a professional coach. Success will follow your own development.

You will become your own first client!


The path to real coaching success

To become a reputable coach takes a significant investment in capacity, capability, aptitude, and perspective. It requires a high level of Dynamic Intelligence, and a methodology for facilitating change in a significant and sustainable way. Being a vertical development-based profession, your abilities need to be developed in the right direction, guided, mentored, with feedback and benchmarking from a recognised methodology by a professional provider.


The good news is, with a developmental approach validated by doctoral research, and the vastly experienced coaching experts at The Coaching Room (who are also successful practicing coaches), becoming credible and reputable is just a number of steps away. Because we know that vertical development and cognitive complexity are so important, we offer unlimited free revisits to all courses, and we sponsor monthly practice groups. After all, it’s what we’d expect responsible trainers and coaches to do.


Still committed to becoming a world-class coach?

If you’re still interested in becoming an Integral+Leadership® Professional Coach, discover our skills and accreditation pathway and start your journey to becoming a more effective coach today.

Download IPCP Brochure

IPCP is an advanced coach development pathway designed to take the coaching industry to the next level.