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Module 1C - Advanced Coaching Skills

The final chapter in your Coach training journey is focused on learning the advanced skills required to establish a coaching relationship, frame coaching conversations and start your own coaching practice. 

Qualification on Completion: The Coaching Room Associate Professional Coach Accreditation

IPCP's Module 1C teaches advance coaching skills for establishing strong coaching relationships and building your own practice.

Building coaching relationships and a coaching practice

Building further upon Module 1A and Module 1B, you will learn the advanced coaching skills necessary to establish a strong coaching relationship, frame effective coaching conversations and start and build your own coaching practice.

Module 1C Overview

The final Module 1 chapter in your Coach training journey is focused on learning the advanced skills required to establish a coaching relationship, frame coaching conversations.


In this module you will meet the competency levels across the seven core skills of Integral+Leadership® Professional Coaching including Listening, Supporting, Questioning, Meta Questioning and State Induction.


At MCO8, you will have moved through MCO7 and be on the next rung of personal vertical development. Your construction of self is at such a level that the majority of your interpersonal interactions are becoming a choice. You understand that the construction of you is a direct response to your environment, and to some degree, you are capable of constructing your environment to suit the construction of you in the moment, and help others do the same.


Reaching this level is something to be proud of, if pride were part of an MCO8’s construction of self, so the first principle is to recognise that reaching MCO8 is simply par for the course, and not a goal for personal gain. If you can see the point being made, then you are on your way to the most prestigious stage of coach development on the market! We look forward to seeing you there.


After successfully completing this module, you will gain a full accreditation as an Integral+Leadership® Professional Coach (MCO8) and join a community of like-minded professionals unleashing the highest-level potential in others.


Key learnings from the programme

  • How to facilitate extraordinary results for your clients by knowing exactly what to do, how to do it, with whom, when, and why in the coaching context.
  • Connect with and model other Coaches who are at the pinnacle of their profession. Fast-track your own business by hearing, questioning, and replicating the practices of the expert Coaches as you ask them about their marketing strategies, invaluable contacts, and business secrets.
  • Grow and develop the core skills of Integral+Leadership® Professional Coaching: Listening, Supporting, Questioning, and State induction
  • Apply the most advanced cognitive behavioural coaching models in the field of Coaching, including the Axes of Change Model, Facilitation model and Matrix model.
  • We solve the problem of how is the client’s habitual thinking style impacting their perception of and ability to solve their problem?
  • Understand that the problem is not the problem: the problem is how the client constructs the problem, and how their construction of self is the limiting factor.
  • Understand the business of Coaching, what’s required to attract clients, pricing, positioning yourself within the industry.
  • Business models for marketing, how to price your coaching, and how to position and advertise yourself in the marketplace and more.
  • How to build a highly successful coaching practice that reflects your values and professional ethics to make your life ambitions come true.

Module 1C Format

  • 20 x 2 hour live online Zoom sessions (40-hours of online live training)
  • PLUS 1 day live onsite training in Sydney - streamed live via Zoom - (subject to change due to Covid 19)

Module 1C Pre-requisites

Module 1A – Coaching Foundations
Module 1B – Coaching Self and Others


Pre Reading:

 “Meta Coaching” by L. Michael HALL

You’ll graduate from Level 1 (Module 1A, 1B & 1C) with:

  • The Coaching Room Associate Professional Coach Accreditation 

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