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Coach Training Pathway - IPCP

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IPCP is an advanced coach development pathway designed to take the coaching industry to the next level.


Integral+Leadership® Professional Coaching Pathway (IPCP)

IPCP is an advanced coach development pathway designed to take the coaching industry to the next level.

Scientifically validated, objective, professional coach training

The Coaching Room’s IPCP pathway provides a ‘world first’ coaching process, leading with objective and scientific measures for coaching. Designed specifically for coaching professionals who want to stand at the leading edge of human development and transformation. 


IPCP is moving away from the old model of coaching where for years, professional coaching has operated based on the specific experience of the individual coach, a subjective approach that understandably delivers variable results. It’s time for a different approach. This is it.

Do you want to learn to simply coach, or become a transformational coach?

IPCP is an advanced coach development pathway that is designed to take the coaching industry to the next level. 


Today, the coaching industry encompasses a wide spectrum of practitioners, from hobby coaches with little to no formal training, through to highly trained, effective coaches delivering robust client outcomes. With no real regulation and highly variable levels of quality, experience and results, the power of coaching to make a transformational impact has been diluted. As a result, coaching is undervalued by the very clients who can benefit from it the most.


We wanted to create a comprehensive, scientifically validated, professional coaching program to provide effective results in the area of human personal development. IPCP is that program. It utilises an Artificial Intelligence (AI) profiling software called Identity Compass, which can accurately and subjectively identify thinking patterns, personality structures and stages of maturity. Combined with professional training via our Integral+Leadership® Professional Coach Skills & Accreditation Pathway, IPCP qualified coaches will be able to precisely help their clients transform their thinking patterns, expand their maturity and allowing them to meet their full potential.


What you can expect from the IPCP journey

IPCP qualified coaches will stand at the leading edge of the industry, providing their clients with a truly transformational coaching experience. The IPCP journey will provide you with:

  • A systemic and pragmatic coach development pathway grounded in the latest psychological research on human thinking and behaving.
  • World-class communication skills training.
  • A development program that is a deep exploration of who you are first as a person, and then as a coach.
  • The tools necessary to truly know what to do, when and where with your clients that is based on a scientifically validated psychology.
  • A coaching programme that will take you beyond yourself - that will develop you beyond where you could ever conceive of being.
  • A development programme that will mould you into a transformational developmental coach – a More Complex OtherTM.
  • Trainers with over 30 years’ experience between them as high-level coaches.
  • The ability to coach effectively at the deepest level of self and personality with elegance and precision

Who can benefit from the Integral+Leadership® Professional Coaching Pathway?

Our Coach Development Pathway has both broad and specific applications. Ideally it is for:

  • Experienced coaches who want to offer their clients effective, developmental growth through increased self-awareness using the latest coaching psychology.
  • New coaches who want to begin their journey on the right path. For this, we must introduce Constructed Developmental Coaching from day 1.
  • People passionate about transformative human growth and development.
  • CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, and sales managers who want potent tools to optimise the performance of their teams or business, using vertical development as the basis for growth. Teams will make qualitatively better decisions through growing their cognitive complexity.
  • Parents and teachers wanting to nurture and support human development

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What’s holding you back?

You may have many questions about the IPCP pathway. Click on any of the links below to find out more about the programme, why we think it’s needed, and what it can do for your coaching.

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