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Module 1A - Coaching Foundations

There are Five Stages of the Integral+Leadership® Professional Coaching Pathway (IPCP)

PCP Module 1A is designed to provide the foundational coaching skills required for you to become a world-class coach.

Coaching Foundations

The Coaching 2.0 Framework

This programme introduces you to the psychology of human behaviour and begins your development as a potential coach and human being. 

Qualification on Completion: The Coaching Room  Associate Coach Accreditation.

Learn the foundation skills of being a coach

Our first module of the IPCP framework, is designed to provide the foundational coaching skills required for you to become a world-class coach. You’ll learn about the construction of your own thinking and personality, in order to better understand and serve your clients.

Coaching Foundations Overview

This pathway introduces you to the psychology of human behaviour and looks at your development as a potential coach and human being. It is designed to teach you how to run your own brain so that you can facilitate the same result within others as a coach. The programme will train you in the basic skills of Coaching - Listening, Supporting, Precise Questioning, Meta Questioning and Well-Formed Goal Setting.

We will also introduce you to your construction of self, using the latest psychological theory on personality development. You will learn how to recognise your construction in order to recognise your clients’ construction, thus giving you a unique benchmark for their vertical development. This is called Coaching 2.0 and was developed in England by Dr Darren Stevens as part of his Constructed Development Theory.

The Coaching 2.0 framework uses Intention, Awareness, Choice and Response as the basis for understanding how the client constructs their thinking. We start with their construction of self regardless of the problem they are trying to solve. 


As coaches, what are we listening for?

In Coaching 2.0, we are listening for the client’s unconscious Intention, level of Awareness, resultant limited Choices and finally how they habitually Respond. In essence: how the client’s habituated Thinking Style impacts their construction of, and ability to solve their problem. No other system uses CDT, the Awareness Quotient (AQ) and Dynamic Intelligence as the foundation for their coaching approach.

We will introduce you to Cognitive Intentions, Thinking Styles, levels of Self-Awareness via the Awareness Quotient and more! CDT focuses on bringing those 50 Cognitive Intentions (habituated thinking patterns) into awareness to provide you, the coach, with more choice in your response in the moment. This will make you a more dynamically Intelligent coach, something no other programme offers.

Key learnings from the programme

  • Understanding Mindset with the NLP Communications model - how mindset works, how it influences thinking, feeling, decisions and behaviours.
  • Understanding States and Emotions - how a human beings’ emotional system works, how to access emotional resources for your client, amplify them and permanently anchor them.
  • Understanding Interpersonal Relationships - how to effectively listen as a coach, fully support your client, so you may challenge them in a generative way, gaining a deep level of rapport.
  • The Meta-Model of language for listening and asking precision questions.
  • The Meta Questions model of critical thinking – learn to help your client think about their thinking.
  • Understanding Performance - understanding strategy, meaning making, how is a person’s behaviour being governed by the inner frames of reference. 
  • Modelling excellence, understanding old habits and, replacing them to more resourceful healthy habits.

Coaching Foundations Format

  • 12 x 2 hour live online Zoom sessions (24-hours of online live training)
  • PLUS 1 day live onsite training in Sydney - streamed live via Zoom - (subject to change due to Covid 19)

Module 1A Pre-requisites


 “Thinking Deliberately” by Dr Darren Stevens

“The Structure of Magic – Vols 1 and 2” – Grinder and Bandler

You’ll graduate Module 1A with:

  • The foundational skills of a Coach

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