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Leadership v Management
What’s More Effective in 2021?

Discover How To Be An Extra-Ordinary Leader In Challenging Times

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get:

Learn the difference between leadership and management

Use the 4 Quadrants to identify your current leadership style

Let the perspectives of the 4 Quadrants develop your leadership skills

Discover how 1 key perspective from each quadrant will define a new leadership vision

Map out the path to becoming an integrally informed leader

Develop a new contextual leadership model

Learn to apply the techniques as you lead others

Identify a new, different, integrally informed approach to business

Analyse business issues through the lens of the Quadrants

Here’s just 4 of the things you will walk away with:


Know exactly how to reduce meeting times by 80% - while still boosting productivity

The steps to close the gap between vision and productivity

Know the‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of creating a robust leadership vision

Building blocks to becoming a leader of greater influence and value

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the difference that will make to your team, your business, and ultimately… your career.

Some of the clients we have had the privilege of working with include

HCF Australia
Aristocrat Technologies Australia Ltd
APA group

Client Feedback

The Leadership training conducted by Jay Hedley has been unlike The Leadership training conducted by Jay Hedley has been unlike any other training I have attended previously throughout my career.

It has increased my self-awareness of my own communication and behaviours and those that I interact with. It has transformed my thinking and how I run my brain.

Overall the past two years of leadership development with The Coaching Room and made me a more confident, humble, and brave human being who is not afraid to try new things. I have gained valuable insights, wisdom and patience to be preapared for a ”new normal” in today’s Covid world. My life goal now is to help other human beings transform their lives with meaning and purpose.

Fiona Branch

I have used Executive Coaches a number of times during my career typically when faced with new work related challenges. Jay and the team at the Coaching Room offer a new higher level of Executive Coaching. Their approach based in neuro semantics and integral coaching philosophies was able to take me as a person and a boss way beyond what I had previously experienced.

I have engaged with Jay on several occasions over the past seven years. Being challenged by a ruthlessly compassionate coach can be quite confronting, however the rewards in personal growth are incredible. And if you really want the ultimate challenge I can highly recommend their shadow coaching experience. This will blow away all the layers of self perception that are getting in the way of being really true to yourself. As managers and executives we are promoted based on our technical skills and abilities and rarely on our people management skills and yet, as team leaders our ability to interact with people is the real secret to success. The outcomes from my Coaching Room experience gave me significant insights as to who I am and how I operate, it made me a much more in tune leader, colleague, team member, husband and father and that in turn facilitated amazing outcomes from the people around me. It has changed me for the better forever. Are you up for the challenge...

Michael Rollo

The integral leadership training with the Coaching Room has been the perfect space to have an open dialogue with our team, where we have acquired skills which are helping us reach our potential.

It has also helped us learn to listen one another so that we can help and rely in each other. Feels like we are a closer team now, and we are sharing things that are truly important to us and the rest of our team members. And we are enjoying the process while learning to master the complexity of being a truly an integral leader and human being. Personally it has been one of the most gratifying learning experiences, as I’ve become more self-aware of my own biases as a leader.

Brian Pritchett

Here’s why you NEED to take this course:


This comprehensive training program is designed to help you and your team maximize your potential.

Separate yourself from the field

Become highly sought after. Indispensable even...

If you don’t take this course now... you risk being left behind.

The world of business has changed. Forever. YOU must adapt and learn to navigate the seismic shifts in the world of business companies face today

It’s no longer OK to just manage, today you need to lead.

Integral + Leadership®

is the only methodology capable of delivering the skills you need in 2021.

Here’s how you to take this course:

  • Delivered over 27-weeks via 90-minute Zoom sessions that integrate seamlessly into your day
  • Gain access to state-of-the-art Learning Management Solutions
  • Enjoy extensive support from The Coaching Room staff

Here’s what it costs to take this course:

Much less than the daily coffee and sandwich from your favourite bakery… and that’s a bargain!


How you use the 4 Quadrant Principles to strengthen your career is up to you.
But here’s what you must do now

The next Online Live course commences

Tuesday 4th May 2021 - Tuesday 2nd November

Time: 1pm - 2:30pm AEST

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