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Integral Leadership

Integral Leadership

Whether it’s the 4th industrial revolution or the ‘Age of Connection’. Increasing speed, complexity, and uncertainty of today is shifting and challenging Leaders in the workplace environment.

Ordinary situational and strategic leadership development may make your Leadership ‘Self’ (ego) feel more knowledgeable or capable, but it is not up to the challenge of resolving a Leaders partially informed reactivity to forces outside of its control, or seeing beyond ‘my view’ toward a more integral and inclusive perspective and wisdom. 

The Coaching Rooms’ Integral+Leadership™ program provides a leadership framework (A Map) for giving Leaders simple and yet, profound perspectives.

It unlocks capacities and the innate wisdom of the Leader, needed to Lead themselves, their followers, industry and the stakeholders of today, effectively and successfully into a vibrant and flourishing tomorrow.


Context is the knowledge for all content...

At Last a Map, The Map! that truly charts the territory of individual, team and Organisational Leadership, issues and solutions!

Based on Integral theory (Ken Wilber et al - an all-inclusive mesh that draws on the key insights of the world’s great knowledge traditions) Integral+Leadership™ utilises a single developmental model; The 4 Quadrants, across all 5 days of this program. Making the learning simple, deep and embodied.

The wisdom gained from drawing on ‘all truths’ and ‘all perspectives’ of The 4 Quadrants, allows the Integrally informed Leader to bring new depth, clarity and heart to every level of human and business problem and opportunity — from unlocking individual and team potential to finding different approaches to cultural, organisational and global-scale problems.

Based on Integral Theory, that shows all human knowledge and experience can be placed in a four-quadrant grid (The 4 Quadrants), along the axes of "interior-exterior" and "individual-collective". It offers some of the most comprehensive approaches to reality, to explain how academic and organisational disciplines are brought together and every form of knowledge and experience fit together coherently.


$3,999 (Including GST)
Sydney 24th - 28th July 2019
$3,999 (Including GST)
5 Day Course
Sydney 24th - 28th July 2019

What You'll Learn About:

Our Integral+Leadership program provides an overarching model that awakens and integrates ALL leadership and Organisational development theories on one single page!

Integrally Informed; Applying the model to the training. As a training program, each of the 4 areas of The Quadrants are taught and delivered throughout our Integral+Leadership suite as follows:


*People-Leading (others)

*Becoming an Integral Leader

*Living an Integral Leadership Vision

*Living an Integral Business 


Enabling Leading attitudes and perspectives. Leading Behaviours and presentation. Leading culture and systems. 

Evolutionary Leading. Moving from coping, to Managing to Leading, through situational Leading often rests in active and reactive strategies and behaviours. Our Integral+Leadership suite offers the power and agility of Contextual Leadership that is not dependent on reactivity or the situation. 

The contexts, multiple-perspectives and distinctions shared via The Quadrants across this program provide a living and comprehensive wisdom that once learnt and practiced, seem kind of magical, like the response, be it an answer, offer or statement, seems to be with the Leader before the question or need even arose.

Our Integral+Leadership suite is delivered In-house usually on the premises of the organisation engaging the program. It is a 5-day corporate Leadership training program that can be scaled organisation wide both nationally and internationally.

What Will It Cost?     

Each of the 5 day programs can also be taken as single stand alone 1-day program, or,  a combination of them all to suit the needs and purposes of the Organisation engaging it.

Price on application.


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Course Outline

Below you will glimpse the potential of each day.

Day 1: Self-Leadership*

This day Utilises the Self or Individual quadrants in developing the perspectives, attitude, Knowledge and communicating and behaviours for highly effective self-Leadership.

Using developmental action inquiry to formulate intentions leading to realising and be-coming a more Integral Leader of Self.

Day 2: People-Leadership*

This Day Using the collective quadrants lower lower left and lower right in developing contextual Leadership awareness and abilities for leading others.

Using developmental action inquiry to formulate intentions leading to realising and becoming a more Integral Leader of others.

Day 3: Becoming an Integral-Leader*
Using the quadrants to identify a Leaders current way of leading. Working collectively to identify the ultimate expression of a Leader within the organisation. Finally to map out the new or different way of the Leader toward becoming an Integrally informed Leader.

Using developmental action inquiry to formulate intentions leading to realising and becoming a more Integral Leader

Day 4: Leading an Integral Leadership Vision*

Using all 4 quadrants to envision and Integrally informed Leadership vision. Identifying one key aspect from each quadrant to contribute to an overall Integrally informed Leadership vision and statement.

Day 5: Leading an Integral Business*

Using 4 quadrants lenses for analysis of business issues and objectives & Developmental Action Inquiry to identify and manage/ lead new and different Integrally informed approaches to business.

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"We have a massive challenge ahead of us. The culture of underperformance and creation of intermittent success is well entrenched both within the office and outside of the office in the wider rugby fraternity. To change this we need to change. To enable us to change we need to be able to clearly identify what is working for us and what is not, addressing those issues that are not working in an open manner and having the ability to open peoples mind to the issues and influencing them to being a part of the journey for change.

There has to be a development of comfort around accountability and being accountable to one another and people understanding that through robust communication and a common language great things can be created which are so strong the legacy is created. This combined with a strong sense of purpose is a key focus for us at this time however I have no doubt TCR will take us on a journey which will teach us even more about the power of collective responsibility and interdependent leadership we never even knew existed."

- Andrew Hore, CEO Waratahs and NSW Rugby

 “Over the two and half year period of executive coaching with Jay, my whole approach to being me in the workplace and elsewhere has transformed and I have been able to see a positive impact on my workplace and other people around me.

Rather than launching into the workplace as the focus of discussion, Jay worked with me and my personality, challenging my frames of reference, long-held unquestioned beliefs and ingrained habits.  Through sometimes gentle and sometimes not so gentle questions, he helped me uncover habituated ways of thinking and reacting to situations which were getting in the way of my performance at work, my ability to facilitate the development of others around me and my ability to reach greater potential in day-to-day life.

A key learning for me has been to reintegrate perceived boundaries among “work”, “leisure”, “health” and “home life”.  Initially, this habituated thinking had me feeling guilty discussing “non-work” matters in executive coaching funded by my work.  But over time, I began to see that showing up as the whole me in the workplace brings full potential to my performance at work, in turn positively influencing the performance of others around me as I invite them to do the same.

During my time with Jay, I also took some of the courses offered by The Coaching Room, which have really helped with further integration of new approaches to working with people and facilitating groups in the role of Managing Director.

I have now moved on to a new phase of development with Jay’s partner in The Coaching Room and will continue to access other programs offered by them – and I stay in touch with Jay.”

- Alex Murphy - Managing Director, UTS : INSEARCH

“I have used I have used Executive Coaches a number of times during my career typically when faced with new work related challenges.

The team at the Coaching Room offer a new higher level of Executive Coaching. Their approach based in Neuro-Semantics and Integral coaching philosophies was able to take me as a person and a boss way beyond what I had previously experienced.

I have engaged the Coaching Room on several occasions over the past seven years. Being challenged by a ruthlessly compassionate coach can be quite confronting, however the rewards in personal growth are incredible. And if you really want the ultimate challenge I can highly recommend their shadow coaching experience.

This will blow away all the layers of self-perception that are getting in the way of being really true to yourself. As managers and executives we are promoted based on our technical skills and abilities and rarely on our people management skills and yet, as team leaders our ability to interact with people is the real secret to success.

The outcomes from my Coaching Room experience gave me significant insights as to who I am and how I operate, it made me a much more in tune leader, colleague, team member, husband and father and that in turn facilitated amazing outcomes from the people around me. It has changed me for the better forever. Are you up for the challenge…”

- Michael Rollo - Former Chief Risk Officer, Leighton Holdings Limited

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Integral+Leadership’ Is Co-Delivered By The Coaching Room’ s Two Managing Partners;
Leaders (Jay Hedley and Joseph Scott) In The Fields Of Leadership Development, Management Development And Executive Coaching.

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