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How satisfied are you with your life?

Do you know what you want, but just can't seem to achieve it no matter what you do?

Or maybe you just don’t know what you want or what you need to do to get it?

In today’s increasingly sophisticated world, our lives often end up being shaped by the attitudes and beliefs of those around us – without us even realising.

At The Coaching Room, our NLP Courses are here to help by freeing you from the habits and thought patterns that are holding you back – so you can live a more rewarding, authentic life. By detaching your sense of being from other people’s expectations and judgements, you can live freely, without fear, and with nothing to prove.

Here's 5 ways NLP with help transform your life

  • How to change the way that you think, so that you can think more strategically.
  • How to change what you believe, so that you can get rid of outdated self-beliefs. With this comes more confidence and less stress.
  • How to manage your emotions and access and amplify powerful states of mind, so that you can do whatever needs to be done, to achieve the life you want to live. With this comes freedom from fear and anxiety, getting in the zone, and enjoying what you do.
  • How to change your behaviours, so that you can work smarter not harder. This means getting more done and having greater impact with less work and less effort.
  • How to build relationships and communicate with influence so that you can be the leader that other people want to follow. This means fewer arguments with your co-workers, clients or your kids, more agreement and win/win/win.

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Upcoming info nights

Take the first step to transforming your life for the better with The Coaching Room.
We deliver free NLP information evenings for those interested in taking the first step and wanting an introduction to NLP.
We invite you to join us at our next one in Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland.


6pm - 8pm


6pm - 8pm

Hawthorn Room,
Amora Hotel, Riverwalk,
649 Bridge Road,
Richmond, VIC 3121

6pm - 8pm

Auckland University of Technology,
City Campus
55 Wellesley Street East,
Auckland Central

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Why The Coaching Room?

For over 15 years, The Coaching Room has been transforming the lives of thousands of individuals globally through Executive Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Whether you are looking to transform your personal life by gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and purpose, or wanting to become an NLP coach, your journey starts here.

Our Perspective

We sense that people choose The Coaching Room for numerous reasons. Such as:

  • Free life-time revisits to our NLP programs
  • A growing, significant and supportive community of like-minded people
  • Our culture of development and self-realisation that ignites a drive within them, that they've found what they've been looking for.
  • Being Australia's premier and only, leading edge MetaNLP Training organisation, uniquely specialising in “MetaStates” - THE model for teaching you the DNA, structure, context, and wisdom of how NLP does what it does.

For others who choose us based on the cost, we offer one of the worlds most current and effective NLP practitioner trainings at what is probably the best price available in Australia, compared with other
mainstream 8 day face to face programs! Retailing at some 30% below our nearest competitors.

The training program has given me the knowledge that being truly present with people is possible –more deeply than I could have imagined.Even better, the course gave me practical tools that I can use every day to achieve the deep connections with myself and those around me (that I have been looking for).

Sally Castle

Marketing Manager - Climate Friendly


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