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Do you have what it takes to become a life coach?

Can you truly wake up and shift another human being’s emotions, mind, heart, intentionality and life force?

Can you set them on fire?

Life coaching can be a positive, transformative experience – both for you and your clients.

Perhaps you already have a keen interest in helping others to reach their full potential. Or you may feel stuck in life and wonder whether life coaching is a realistic career option for you.

Here at The Coaching Room, we’ve coached thousands of people. We’ve been ranked one of the top 5 coaching websites in the world. And – best of all – almost a third of our customers come to us through recommendations from others that we’ve trained.

So to help you decide whether life coaching might be for you, we’ve boiled down our years of experience to put together this handy guide:

How to become a life coach.

It contains what we see as the 7 essential skills for anyone who wants to become a life coach.

Download it today to discover…

  • Why respecting others is the first step towards supporting them.
  • How to build up the active listening skills you need to be successful.
  • The #1 essential skill that sets life coaching apart from other forms of support and communication.
  • The specific questions you need to ask to truly engage your clients.
  • How to give feedback in a way that works for your clients – and helps them get to where they really want to be.

Plus lots more…

To get your free guide, just fill in the contact form!


Download How to Become a Life Coach - the 7 Essential Skills