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Facilitation Skills TrainingEngaging Leadership

3 Days

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Corporate Facilitation

Course Outline

The Facilitation Skills – Engaging Leadership is The Coaching Room’s flagship Corporate facilitation program for learning how to facilitate any group of people with many different worldviews, values and perspectives, while maintaining your own presence and place.

This corporate training, delivered to your team, inside your organisation, is designed specifically to up-skill Leaders and Managers in their capacity to facilitate followership and engagement provides a curriculum that elegantly weaves together the unique capacity to facilitate, through your own being and presence, to greater self (and other) awareness, leading to skilful means, action logics and group dynamics. The training will introduce the student to the use the relative meaning, based on the native perspective of the individual and the polarities toward wholeness as a core method for facilitating groups.

Part 1 July 1
Part 2 Aug 17
A 3 Day Training Program

What you'll learn

Are you ready to facilitate any group of people toward transformation? Some of the benefits that you can expect from the program include:

  • Awareness of your current approach to being a Leader and Facilitator
  • Understand and achieve what’s next in your professional development
  • Build sustainable new competencies to achieve the outcomes that deeply matter to you and your Followers
  • The facilitation skills, conversations, client interactions and the business of facilitating itself
  • Creating objective awareness of your thinking, sense of self, style and approach to facilitating so that you can begin working on yourself as a Leader and facilitator
  • How to bring the core principals and facilitation methodologies together and show up as an highly effective and engaging Leader
  • Clearly understand and recognise the boundaries between facilitation and other modalities like consulting, therapy, mentoring and training

Purpose and Vision

Our vision and its realization, with your participation and enactment are to train and support individuals to represent the leading edge of what’s possible, in one-on-group facilitation! Utilizing some of the world finest Integral and Semantic theorists, Integral-Semantics ™ is set to usher in a new frontier for human engagement and enactment through awakening mind, heart, body, and universal soul within its facilitators and their audience.

Course Outline

This 3-day course is a deep dive into Integral-Semantics ®, an opportunity for exploration, experience Integral-Semantic Facilitating


Your co-trainers are Jay Hedley and Joseph Scott, Managing Partners of The Coaching Room.

Program Learning Topics

What are the top qualities of a IS Facilitator?

Being present, being free of personal contractions around investment of self, gain access to Basic Knowledge in the Moment (BKM), the role of Skepticism & Humor, and witness the capacity to catch linguistic dynamics with participants in the moment.

What are the top capacities of an IS Facilitator:

Energy management. Emotional and Cognitive capacity to hold and deliver advanced questioning to take the participant far along their current Position, identifying the Polarity, discovering the Paradox into Presences and new understanding and energy. To be able to support participants to gain freedom from referencing the external event for their internal response/ reaction.

What are the skills of relational dynamics of an IS Facilitator:

Holonic communication- Knowing all perspectives are valuable and partial. Honoring the groups’ part to create spaciousness. Facilitate through authentic interaction with participants to serve the liberation of the participant, the whole group, and the IS Facilitator.

What is the Classroom management of an IS Facilitator:

Plant auto poetic seeds so that one workshop creates liberating structures in the group so as those participants return to their life with psyco-active unfolding.

Advanced Q&A: An integral typology of questions asked by participants:

Types of questions: Peacock, Statements, Seeking, Open, Closed, Leading, Inquiry. Types of responses: Ignore Redirect, Answer, Reframe, and Feedback. Demonstrate how to reveal these quadrant orientations through questioning.

What are the Meta-principles of Integral Semantics Pedagogy? Emancipation

From internal environment and external environment. Having people show up as Self construct, being in vulnerability ^+= construct awareness. Support and Challenge. Current Way to Different Way- if it is not serving the participant well.

Apex Attention Practices (practices that place your attention at the apex):

Learn how to sit with polarity tensions and use integration awareness to allow the apex to emerge in their your own embodiment as an Integral-Semantic Facilitator.


Our coaching and training programmes are evidence based and provide
measurable Return On Investment (ROI) in terms of Leadership productivity,
Leadership effectiveness and retention of talented Leaders and their employees.
As part of the programme, we will agree some on some measureable Key
Performance Indicators (KPIs) and outcomes for the executive team.


Who should attend this program?

1. Individuals and teams committed to continuous improvement

2. Experienced Executives wanting to up-weight their essential facilitation, coaching and communications skills

3. New Managers wanting to maximise their effectiveness in first 90 days in their new role

4. Executives, Leaders & Managers wanting to learn how to communicate with (listen and support) and influence (be able to understand and question) their employees effectively, to help them reach targets, achieve budget, overcome obstacles, and exceed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as they move to build a corporate coaching culture of self-actualising organisations.


"We found the training extremely insightful and extremely beneficial - both professionally and personally.
I highly recommend this for anyone looking at coaching, managing and leading".
- Jason Bailey, Director - Anglicare Australia.
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