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Reach Your Highest Potential with
Executive One-to-One Coaching

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For optimum professional development, motivational mastery, and outstanding business results.

If you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, leader or executive, The Coaching Room’s One-to-One developmental executive coaching program has been designed to facilitate fast and effective performance growth in a focussed 6-session cycle.

Completely tailored to the individual, addressing YOUR current challenges, objectives and needs.

One-to-One Developmental Executive Coaching is about accelerating your develoopment as a leader and senior executive.

Developmental executive coaching is about raising awareness of the key elements that drive wise decisions, create maximum engagment and enable deeper more effective connections.

Who is Executive Coaching For?

The Coaching Room’s Executive Leadership Coaching is specifically for CEOs and C-Suite Executives and Directors interested in Leadership Development and making lasting positive change, both personally and collectively. It is for those Leaders who want to be at the forefront of adult development, human and organisational transformation.

Specifically, our training programs will help:

CEOs, Directors and Leaders

Executive Leaders & Teams wanting higher performance and more inclusive Leadership

Meet Your Executive Coaches

Your trainers include the Managing Partners of The Coaching Room, Jay Hedley and Joseph Scott, as well as Max Young and Madeleine Robinson.

Executive Coaching Benefits

You can expect to gain:

More self awareness of your personality and behaviours

To be able to run your own brain – states, attitude, actions – in connecting and relating with self and others

To enable more focus and connection with what really matters (personal purpose)

To create more effective rapport with others to enable more intimacy with others

To enable you to speak and live your truth – no matter what is going on in the environment

"I have been extremely lucky to have Joseph come into my life as my leadership coach. The journey, both professionally
and personally, is amazing. Joseph is knowledgeable, challenging, supportive, wise, questioning,
caring and fun - all you need in a coach!”
Karen Fraser Tourism Tasmania

Executive Coaching Plus™

Incorporated into the Management Performance Program is Executive Coaching Plus™ – the inclusion of 2 additional x 15-minute meetings with the Manager’s Leader. These conversations occur prior to the cycle commencing and during the cycle completion session (or afterwards). These conversations are an opportunity to gain valuable insights into direction, as well as the Manager’s Performance blind spots and opportunities. This process also helps to ensure that the coaching cycle is aligned with the desired team and organisational outcomes as well as the individual’s outcomes.


The Living 360 Executive Peer Review™ (Optional)

The Coaching Room’s Living 360 process is a revolutionary approach to gaining high quality feedback from peers, colleagues, direct reports and managers. The quality comes from the Coach’s capacity to facilitate specific, measureable, evidence-based feedback that can used to help the Manager’s growth and development.

The Living 360 includes conversations with up to 6 people and is incorporated after session 2.

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Ongoing ROI and Coaching Evidence

The One-on-One Executive Coaching programme is reviewed at the end of every 3 sessions (by Coach and Client) to review:

  • Coaching direction – are we on track? Are we on topic?
  • Realisation of objective results – creating and reviewing evidence based KPIs for the cycle (session 1)
  • Return on investment evaluation – is the coaching delivering beyond the required level of value to ensure it is sustainable?

Executive Coaching Benefits

You can expect to gain:

To enable you to actualise your potential when it matters most to you

To develop growth in terms of worldview (capacity to hold more perspectives) for better outcomes

To become more personally powerful and therefore professionally influential

To enable you to communicate more effectively – to hear/listen to, and speak to others in a more meaningful and inclusive way

To lead through the creation of a pioneering and engaging vision

To accelerate your personal and professional growth and development through challenging times

Other included coaching lenses and diagnostics

Our selective diagnostic instruments provide a sound, measureable basis for beginning the Executive Development process. They also assist with creating objective awareness of the Executive’s thinking (attitude), their sense of self (beliefs, values, identity), style and approach (behaviours).


The Enneagram Personality Profile (Included)

The Enneagram personality profiling tool is used to facilitate awareness of the Executive’s current way of approaching people, problems, challenges, conversations, delegation etc. in terms of habituated thinking patterns, attitude, behaviours, responses and reactions.

Training and Development on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

The Self Review process and Well-Formed Outcome (WFO) Survey (Included)

The Self Review process and WFO survey is the Coaching pre-work completed by the Executive to help them identify their current personal, professional and organisational needs.


Lines of Development (Included)

The Lines of Development lens looks at the Executive’s current level of capacity and competency in each of 10 key Developmental Intelligence Lines, and aligns each with the Executive’s Coaching topic and outcomes, therefore identifying developmental blind spots. Lines of Development include Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Moral Intelligence, Interpersonal (relationship) Intelligence, Needs Intelligence, Somatic (embodiment) Intelligence among many more.

Integral Developmental Coaching

Developmental Stages Assessment (Additional Cost)

The Developmental Stages Assessment is an assessment methodology for human development, devised by Terri O’Fallon, Ph.D. This stage assessment maps your meaning making by identifying your current worldview (stage of human development). Created from Developmental Psychology, this assessment is particularly useful for Leadership and Organisational Development.

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Coaching Overview & Fee Structure

‘The Coaching Room’s coaching programs are about challenging,
supporting and empowering individuals to take responsibility
to evolve as highly effective and functional people’

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