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Executive Coaching for Professionals

The Coaching Room's Executive Coaching programs are about challenging, supporting, and empowering individuals to grow and develop.

Developmental Executive Coaching facilitates you to taking responsibility for your own ongoing evolution and growth.

How will One-on-One Developmental Executive Coaching benefit you?

Growth through expanded self-awareness

Awareness of personality structures that limit executive potential

Ability to take a wider perspective on self, others, outcomes, and systems in making decisions

Communication skills development

Space and presence of mind under pressure

Build Executive presence to influence with integrity

Enables more robust, direct conversations can be created by learning how to build deeper rapport

“I have used Executive Coaches a number of times during my career, typically when faced with new work-related challenges. Jay and the team at the Coaching Room offer a new higher level of Executive Coaching. Their approach based in Developmental Psychology and Integral-theory philosophies was able to take me as a person and a boss way beyond what I had previously experienced.

As managers and executives, we are promoted based on our technical skills and abilities and rarely on our people management skills, and yet, as team leaders, our ability to interact with people is the real secret to success.

The outcomes from my Coaching Room executive 1:1 coaching experience gave me significant insights as to who I am and how I operate, it made me a much more in tune leader, colleague, team member, husband, and father, and that in turn facilitated amazing outcomes from the people around me. It has changed me for the better forever. Are you up for the challenge?...”


Michael Rollo

Former Chief Risk Officer, Leighton Holdings Limited

So what is a Developmental approach to Executive Coaching?

The Coaching Room’s Developmental Executive Coaching is a process that enables a Leader to wake up, grow up, clean up and show up to their full potential in leading difference.


Waking up is about the disidentification with personality and the egoic self structures that get in the way of potential

Growing up is about maturity - being able to to take multiple perspectives whilst under pressure and responding contextually

Cleaning up is about clearing the mental barriers and prior intentions, old beliefs, values and identity structures that get in the way of Leadership.

Showing up is the enactment of all of the above. It's where we make meaning matter. 


Coaching is a process that allows Executives to see with a new perspective, the possibilities available (choices) to achieve the results that deeply matter and make a quantum difference to them and their organisations.

What key components does a Coaching Session include?

1. New seeing (insights through awareness) - these are usually revealed as cognitive biases that create limiting blind spots.


2. New intentions; to become intentional and purposeful in leading a different way of being and doing.


3. Greater flexibility defined by more choices in how to respond appropriately and contextually.


4. New and different responses (attitude, behaviours, communication, relationships, and enviroments ) 

“Over the two and half year period of executive coaching with Jay, my whole approach to being me in the workplace and elsewhere has transformed and I have been able to see a positive impact on my workplace and other people around me.


Rather than launching into the workplace as the focus of discussion, Jay worked with me and my personality, challenging my frames of reference, long-held unquestioned beliefs and ingrained habits. Through sometimes gentle and sometimes not so gentle questions, he helped me uncover habituated ways of thinking and reacting to situations which were getting in the way of my performance at work, my ability to facilitate the development of others around me and my ability to reach greater potential in day-to-day life.


A key learning for me has been to reintegrate perceived boundaries among “work”, “leisure”, “health” and “home life”. I began to see that showing up as the whole me in the workplace brings full potential to my performance at work, in turn positively influencing the performance of others around me as I invite them to do the same.

During my time with Jay, I also took some of the courses offered by The Coaching Room, which have really helped with further integration of new approaches to working with people and facilitating groups in the role of Managing Director.”


Alex Murphy, Managing Director

UTS College (University of Technology Sydney)

One-on-One Developmental
Executive Coaching

Program Summary

Program Cycle Length and Timings

Our Developmental Executive Coaching program is delivered fortnightly in 6-session cycles over a 3-month period. Each cycle has a developmental theme (identified in the initial intake session) that weaves through each coaching session and practice, as agreed to by the Executive and the Coach (along with the Executive's Leader if selecting Executive Coaching Plus*). It is normal for Executives to complete 2 or more cycles with their coach.

*Executive Coaching Plus is an optional service. Download the course brochure (below) for more details

Program Overview

The Coaching Room’s Developmental Executive Coaching program is delivered in 6 x sessions over approximately 3-months. One-on-one, the program is delivered bespoke to your individual and organisational needs. 

Developmental practices are provided and agreed at the end of each session.

The Executives leader can also be involved in setting KPIs and expectations for the program to ensure organisational as well as personal benefit.

Included Services

Our Developmental Executive Coaching program includes Executive Coaching Plus* (Leader or Board Member Feedback and conversations throughout the Executive’s Coaching Cycle), as well as our Living 360-degree feedback program* (interviews with peers, colleagues and direct reports).

The Enneagram personality Profile and a developmental self-review are also included in the program.

*Executive Coaching Plus and the Living 360 product are optional services. Down the course brochure for more details


Executive and Organisational Benefit

You and your organisation can expect you or your Executive in Coaching to gain:
• More self awareness of your personality and behaviours
• A better understanding and knowledge of Leading versus Managing
• To create more effective rapport with peers, colleagues, reports and the Board of Directors
• To develop growth in terms of worldview (capacity to hold more perspectives) in decisions and actions
• To be able to effectively engage and collaborate with the entire Executive Team and Board of Directors
• To lead through the creation of a pioneering and engaging vision
• To lead the organisation’s social systems (learn to lead systemically)
• To become objective to and lead the organisation’s culture
• To create impartial external accountability to team and organisational outcomes

Download Executive Coaching Brochure


Some of the clients we have had the privilege of working with include

HCF Australia
Aristocrat Technologies Australia Ltd
APA group

Client Feedback

I have used Executive Coaches a number of times during my career typically when faced with new work related challenges. Jay and the team at the Coaching Room offer a new higher level of Executive Coaching. Their approach based in neuro semantics and integral coaching philosophies was able to take me as a person and a boss way beyond what I had previously experienced.

I have engaged with Jay on several occasions over the past seven years. Being challenged by a ruthlessly compassionate coach can be quite confronting, however the rewards in personal growth are incredible. And if you really want the ultimate challenge I can highly recommend their shadow coaching experience. This will blow away all the layers of self perception that are getting in the way of being really true to yourself. As managers and executives we are promoted based on our technical skills and abilities and rarely on our people management skills and yet, as team leaders our ability to interact with people is the real secret to success. The outcomes from my Coaching Room experience gave me significant insights as to who I am and how I operate, it made me a much more in tune leader, colleague, team member, husband and father and that in turn facilitated amazing outcomes from the people around me. It has changed me for the better forever. Are you up for the challenge...

Michael Rollo

(At time) Chief Risk Officer Leighton Holdings Limited

The integral leadership training with the Coaching Room has been the perfect space to have an open dialogue with our team, where we have acquired skills which are helping us reach our potential.

It has also helped us learn to listen one another so that we can help and rely in each other. Feels like we are a closer team now, and we are sharing things that are truly important to us and the rest of our team members. And we are enjoying the process while learning to master the complexity of being a truly an integral leader and human being. Personally it has been one of the most gratifying learning experiences, as I’ve become more self-aware of my own biases as a leader.

Brian Pritchett

CEO Paramount Pictures Australia

I have attended Leadership training with The Coaching Room from 2018 to the present in my role with Fiji Airways.

The Leadership training conducted by Jay Hedley has been unlike any other training I have attended previously throughout my career.

It has increased my self-awareness of my own communication and behaviors and those that I interact with. It has transformed my thinking and how I run my brain.

The Integral Leadership training in particular, has opened my mind to other perspectives and I have found this training to be very liberating.

Overall the past two years of leadership development with the Coaching Room has made me a more confident, humble and brave human being who is not afraid to try new things. I have gained valuable insights, wisdom and patience to be prepared for a "new normal" in today’s Covid world. My life goal now is to help other human beings transform their lives with meaning and purpose.

Dianne Masih-Reddy

Manager Leadership Development, Fiji Airways


What is One-on-One Executive Developmental Coaching?

An intensive one-on-one coaching program cycle of 6 x 1-hour coaching sessions, over a 3-month period (fortnightly), via zoom or face-to-face.

The coaching process is designed to help you lead contextually. Contextual leadership is the ability to be agile and appropriate in your thinking and your responses, given the context.

To do that you first need to become aware of how you think - the cognitive biases, that drive your thinking in patterned ways, that lead to how you respond to challenges and issues now. Secondly, the process helps you integrate and update your biases - where necessary, giving you much more flexibility in how you think and respond, so you can become much more intentional in the way you articulate and communicate.

What are the top 10 Executive issues that people bring into coaching?

  • 1. Difficulty in influencing people to do their job properly
  • 2. Failure to communicate effectively – the ability to articulate complex ideas, provide clear expectations, and give and/or receive feedback.
  • 3. Inability to have fierce conversations that gently confront the real issues and influence things to change.
  • 4. Lack of accountability in your people – having to repeat yourself and fix problems yourself, because it’s easier than holding others to account.
  • 5. Fear of holding people to account, or coming across as aggressive if you do
  • 6. Lack of alignment between your people or teams (people/teams working in silos)
  • 7. Lack of a clear leadership vision, that motivates and engages your people to execute effectively
  • 8. A company culture by default. One that you yourself are subject to.
  • 9. An inability to lead the board, or keep them accountable to staying on governance and strategy, rather than interfering in operational issues.
  • 10. The desire to learn how to make informed decisions that are inclusive, compassionate and effective.

What are the key areas of focus in Developmental Executive Coaching?

  • 1. Awareness of your own and others cognitive biases that drive thinking and reactions – enabling real leadership evolution
  • 2. The ability to lead contextually, giving you more flexibility in approach to decision making, communication style and people development, given the context.
  • 3. The ability to listen much more effectively to what’s being communicated, verbally and non-verbally.
  • 4. The influence to lead development within others, building capability in others that is self-sustaining.

How is Developmental coaching different from traditional performance coaching?

Developmental Coaching gives much more focus on coaching to an executive's sense of Self and how their values and beliefs inform actions and communicating at work.

meet our
executive Management & Leadership coaches

The Coaching Room's Executive Coaches
Each with 7 - 20 years of experience in coaching Executives, C-Suite Execs, and Leadership teams 


Jay Hedley

TCR Managing Partner


Joseph Scott

TCR Managing Partner


Madeleine Robinson

Developmental Coach


Bronwen Sowden

Developmental Coach


Mary-Anne Kamel

Developmental Coach


Madeleine Robinson

Developmental Coach


Phil Cross

Developmental Coach


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Developmental Coach