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Enlightened Parenting: Awaken Your Parenting Potential

1 Day Workshop

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Enlightened Parenting 1 Day Workshop

Enlightened Parenting                          1-Day Workshop

This 1-Day workshop is about intentional evolution of yourself and your approach to parenting, through self-actualisation and self-realisation. In other words, learning how to grow and develop yourself and parent your children more intentionally.

You'll learn how you are constantly influencing the very development of a child's humanity, their orientation toward themselves and life, and their capacity to navigate the stages of human development (intentionally or unintentionally).

Learn the relevant, pragmatic and powerful skills for effective parenting, avoid common mistakes most parents make and what you can do to unleash your child's potential!

Sydney 8th of September 2018
9am - 5pm
Melbourne 22nd of September 2018
9am - 5pm
1 Day Course
Sydney 8th of September 2018
9am - 5pm
Melbourne 22nd of September 2018
9am - 5pm

All of us have one thing in common - we were all parented.

Yet for most of us, we were not parented by parents who graduated from Parenting 101 with flying colors.

In fact, most of our parents did the best they could with what they knew from their parents.

The danger for us today is, if we're not aware of it - we will make the common mistakes that our parents made...

Children are ferocious learners and they process emotions quickly. They learn a lot from who you are, how you handle things, including your fears, from your prejudices, limiting beliefs and your taboos.

Avoid common mistakes like:

  • Default to parenting the way you were parented
  • Living your life through your children
  • Rejecting parts of them you don’t accept about yourself (shadow)
  • Punishing your child for making mistakes
  • Mixing up self-confidence with self-esteem
  • Being unable to control your own emotions yet expecting them to

Sound Familiar?

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Focus on self-development, and a new understanding of how you can be a model of how to be a self-actualised, self-realised human being for your children
  • Enabling your children to take responsibility for their own growth - to be healthy, productive, happy, responsible and self-managing adults.

  • Facilitating them to unleash their inner potential so that they can make their unique difference in the world.
  • Stay calm and less reactive in the face of challenges, when they 'push your buttons' and communicate effectively, especially when they're closed off or self-conscious. 

  • Setting frames of meaning about understanding aspects of their lives, that set the pace and direction for the child’s experience of life.

Change isn’t easy. You know that, and so do we. But real, lasting change is so much easier when you have the tools, the know-how and the support you need.

One of the best things about our one-day sessions is that you get to meet other people just like you. They share many of your frustrations, hopes and dreams. 

So you don’t just get top training and support from our experienced and certified trainers. You also get the chance to make friends for life – an extra support network to help you parent more effectively. 


Meet Your Coaches

The 1-Day NLP Parenting Workshop Is Co-Delivered By Three of The Coaching Room’s Leaders and Trainers;
Soo Balbi, Jay Hedley and Madeleine Robinson - Parents and Leaders In The Fields Of Leadership Development, Coach Training And Executive Coaching.


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I was lucky enough to start my coaching journey with The Coaching Room many years ago now and all that i learnt still resonates now in my life and in my work. Working with TCR was a rich training experience with plenty of challenges and growth opportunities to push me to become the best coach I possibly could be. I have recommended several friends to them who have also had positive experiences. Thanks guys!

- Louise Walker - Owner and Coach, Footsteps

The training is mind blowing, empowering and challenging at the same time. The facilitators are experts in their field with a love and passion for building a strong community of excellent coaches. Attending The Coaching Room's courses, I not only received world-class training, I became part of a family with some the most amazing people I've ever met. 

And I'm wondering just how easily you can now go ahead and make that decision - knowing you're in good hands.

- Bonita Nuttall - OUT-Standing Presenters

I came to The Coaching Room for the Practitioner's course kicking and screaming and only to look after a friend who wanted to do it. That was quite a few years ago now. Since then have completed the Master, Genius and ACMC. A profound difference has occurred in my coaching effectiveness and the shift in my relationship with myself has been breathtaking. I thank that friend who needed a chaperon every day.


- Rob Browne - Bawg Coaching

Take The Next Step With The Coaching Room
Join us for the 1 Day Effective Parenting: Unleashing Your Child's Genius workshop
We're translating years of experience in the field of coaching, leadership, training and parenting into practical and pragmatic tools that you can use to parent more effectively.  
That means you'll have access to a world-class training that improves the way you connect, relate and communicate with your children, and yourself.  
Why? So that your children can model your health, authenticity and potential as a human being, giving them the best chance in life.
It's never too late to have a fabulous childhood. 
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