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Dates and Investment

QWhat is the total length of the IPCP pathway in hours?

Module 1A = 24 hours online live + 8 Live = 32 hours

(12 x 2 hour live online Zoom sessions (2-sessions per week over 6-weeks)


PLUS 1 day live onsite training in Sydney - @ 8 hours - streamed live via Zoom - (subject to change due to Covid 19)


Module 1B = 32 hours online + 8 Live = 40 hours

16 x 2 hour live online Zoom sessions (2-sessions per week over 8-weeks)


PLUS 1 day live onsite training in Sydney @ 8 hours - streamed live via Zoom - (subject to change due to Covid 19)


Module 1C = 40 hours + 8 Live = 48 hours

20 x 2 hour live online sessions (2-sessions per week over 10-weeks)

PLUS 1 day live onsite @ 8 hours


Level 2 = 32 hours + 8 hours Live = 40 hours

16 x 2 hour live online sessions (2-sessions per week over 8-weeks)

PLUS 1 day live onsite training - @ 8 hours


Total online training hours = 128 hours

Total hours = 160 hours including 4 x Live days training in the room


Starts 1st June, 2022

Every Monday & Wednesday

6-8pm AEST 


Level 1

Module 1: 1st June 2022 - 11th July 2022 

Module 2: 18th July 2022 - 7th September 2022 

Module 3: 12th September 2022 - 16th November 2022


Level 2

21st November 2022 - 21st December 2022

(Christmas Break until 9th January 2023) 

Recommences 9th January 2023 - 25th January 2023


Face to face days in Sydney

16th July 2022

10th September 2022

19th November 2022

28th January 2023

Q Given the above answer - What is the set cost?

Upfront payment $12,990 including GST


 $14, 250 via 6-month payment plan



- 128 hours of online live Training
- + 4 days in the room training (streamed live)


- Full Certification through StageCoach International (STi)


- 6 x Identity Compass Assessments (one for participant and their first x5 clients


- Use of the Identity Compass ongoingly with 15-minute debrief per client (first 5 only)


The delivery date for this intersession  is Wednesday the 1st of June 1st 2022, (then a break for Christmas/New Year Period), and the session resumes Monday January the 9th 2022 and comncludes Sat January 28th 2023


NB: Level 3 is an optional extra and not included in the above investment 



Madeleine Robinson – Partner at the Coaching Room

As the lead trainer in the IPCP program, I provide an optimal coaching training environment that supports and enhances a client’s ability to step into their full potential as a coach.


My aim is to create a caring, challenging and supportive space for my students, that encourages personal motivation, self-awareness and an understanding of where they are now and where they want to go.


Through this training program, students access their own individual personal power allowing them to experience the wonder and joy of taking charge of their own lives, and help others do the same.

Jay Hedley

Jay Hedley - Managing Partner at The Coaching Room

In all that I do, Training Professional Coaches is most profound, moving, experience for me and for the participants in our development.


In our student's transformation, I am also touched and transformed to the point where neither of us knows who we are.


Roles fall away and human beings emerge from the chaos and ashes of who we once thought we were. This isn’t easy for our students, but it is profound to learn how to run your own brain – with volition. Be moved if you have the courage to challenge yourself.

Joseph Scott

Joseph Scott - Managing Partner at The Coaching Room

As a Professional Coach trainer, over the years of training coaches, I am often moved deeply by the capacity of the human spirit, my own and each other’s.


This ability to look reality hard in the face, the capacity for ruthless self-honesty and the phenomenon of developmental readiness that appears in all of the students that attend our courses.


This type of experience grows me up and enables me as your trainer and as a human being to be deeply challenging, often painfully so and yet heart-fully supportive, knowing, though it may feel like you are dying in this training- I know you are actually starting to live more fully, more freely…


Dr Darren Stevens – Adjunct Professor at The Coaching Room

In my experience, people are largely unaware of themselves and why they do the things they do, and of the impact of their enculturation. They think they know what they’re doing and they think they’re self-aware, but they’re not.


It’s my role and professor and coach to point out their blind-spots and Cognitive Biases (the shortcuts in their thinking), and put them on the right path for their vertical growth and development of their potential.

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