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Coaching is a process that allows Executives to see with a new perspective, the possibilities available (choices) to achieve the results that deeply matter and make a quantum difference to them and their organisations.

The Coaching Room's Executive Coaching programs are about challenging, supporting, and empowering you to grow and develop. Developmental Executive Coaching facilitates you to take responsibility for your own ongoing evolution and growth.

The Coaching Room’s Developmental Executive Coaching is a process that enables a Leader to wake up, grow up, clean up and show up to their full potential in leading difference.

Waking up is about the disidentification with personality and the egoic self structures that get in the way of potential

Growing up is about maturity - being able to to take multiple perspectives whilst under pressure and responding contextually

Cleaning up is about clearing the mental barriers and prior intentions, old beliefs, values and identity structures that get in the way of Leadership.

Showing up is the enactment of all of the above. It's where we make meaning matter.

We look forward to coaching with you.