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Advanced Coach Genius Training

Coaching Genius (Module 2)

Meta Coaching Certification

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Coaching Genius M2

Enhance Your Coaching Genius

The Coaching Genius is a prerequisite accreditation for Module 3 of the Meta Coach Training System - a system that enables you to coach at a higher level for success and transformation. 

Experience the joy and excitement of unlocking your own natural genius and that of others, to find the skills and confidence to create your successful coaching business with a focus on providing both challenge and support as you take a deep dive into the Meta States model of reflexive consciousness and human empowerment. 


Your Investment

100% Online Live

Fully Online Live Training with an NLP Trainer + live coaching each session.

- Coaching Genius (Module 2) Meta Coaching Certification

- All Sessions Recorded

- Includes access to full online course

- Starts Monday 16th August 2021
6pm - 8pm Mondays and Wednesdays weekly 9 sessions 
- Online Course completed on Monday 13th September 2021

-Your partner/family can join you online free of charge (only paying customers will be certified however)

- 3 month payment plan or 5% off for upfront payment

What you'll learn

Are you ready to unleash your highest and best potential? Some of the benefits that can expect from program include:

  • Enriching your life with more passion and satisfaction, for yourself and for your clients
  • Set the frames that will empower you for the life that you want as you experience life at the optimum level
  • Eliminate any and every interference or blockage that may create a limitation in you
  • Sharpen your focus by learning how to experience the state of “flow” at will and unleash your potential
  • To think like an entrepreneur and blow out excuses for not achieving business success
  • Achieve extraordinary results by thinking and working systematically with the whole mind body emotional system
  • Essential language skills for developmental coaching – beliefs, values and identity
  • Experience 14 powerful coaching patterns and the pattern behind all coaching patterns
“I honestly don't know where I would be without this course. My knowledge and skill
levels increased enormously, thus making a massive difference in my confidence as a
coach. ...it gave me such incredible skills that I know I am now able to coach at a much
deeper and transformational level. For any people out there wishing to be at the pinnacle
of the coaching profession, then these trainings are an absolute must.”
Sandra Dacar, ICMC – Internal Coach

Ongoing Support

As part of our Community charter, upon successful completion of your M2 Training, you will become a member of a supportive international learning community of over 8,000 Trainers, practitioners, coaches and like minded individuals passionate about human growth & development.

As part of this support, The Coaching Room sponsors ongoing monthly NLP and Coaching practice groups Online-Live every month. This is a great place to ground and continue with your learning and development, while connecting with other Practitioners and professional coaches,

Attending these community practice group will be at no additional cost to you (ongoing).



Meet Your Trainers

Your trainers include the Managing Partners of The Coaching Room, Jay Hedley and Joseph Scott, as well as Max Young and Madeleine Robinson.

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