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Corporate NLP Advanced Communication Skills

3 Day Corporate Training Course


Course Outline

The Corporate NLP program is The Coaching Room’s leading Corporate training program. Delivered as a three day intensive communication skills, personal and professional development program.

This program is designed specifically for Managers and Leaders, to enable individual & team self-actualisation in intra-personal management, and relationship communication skills. This program provides a comprehensive introduction to leading edge NLP - a powerful Communications Model that helps people to be successful in their professional and personal lives through high quality listening and precision questioning in order to truly support others, detect how others think and facilitate evolution and high performance.

3 Day Corporate Training Course

What the Team Will Learn

Are you ready to unleash your most effective self? Some of the benefits that you can expect from the program include:

  • An advanced self actualisation model designed for high quality communication
  • Communicate more effectively, precisely and persuasively, creating a space of safety and trust with different kinds of people through high quality communication
  • Connect and relate to anyone without compromising your self confidence and esteem
  • Rapport skills for creating safety and trust to allow crucible conversations to take place and give and receive high quality feedback
  • Precision questioning model for conversations that get right to the heart of things, facilitating profound performance change
  • The power to overcome and help others overcome their barriers and blockages in communication and motivation in self and others
  • Enable themselves and their people to create quality meanings and empowering states to engage teams and improve individual and team performance
  • Develop professional outcomes for leading and managing others
  • Structure a Well Formed Outcome conversation with other Managers, Leaders and employees – to facilitate buy in and accountability structures Identify and tap motivation in themselves and others to achieve the organisation’s outcomes

Corporate NLP with Australia’s Best

In Corporate NLP there are 4 key models that comprise the overall framework for the art of communicating and coaching. These models are Meta, that is, higher models that are about the content of the conversation. In this, these models provide the structure for your expertise in understanding and working with the dynamic structure or process of facilitating to unleash your and other’s potentials.


1) The NLP communication model
The foundation for the first 7 core coaching skills, a cutting-edge model about the essential dynamics of communication

2) The Meta-States model

A model about the reflexivity of the mind, how to track our self-reflexive awareness that creates meaning at multiple layers, that enables us to step- back, and the meta-questioning skill

3) The Benchmarking model

A model for operationalising terms, for getting behavioral indicators and equivalents of a “soft” skill and sequencing them along a 0 to 5 continuum to indicate no competence, competence, and mastery

4) Self-Actualisation models

Several models for how the process of self- actualising occurs, the Self-Actualisation Quadrants, the Matrix of Self-Actualisation, and the Neuro- Semantics of Self-Actualisation

Who should attend this program?         

1. Teams committed to continuous improvement

2. Experienced Executives wanting to up-weight their essential facilitation, coaching and communications skills

3. New Managers wanting to maximise their effectiveness in first 90 days in their new role

4. Executives, Leaders & Managers wanting to learn how to communicate with (listen and support) and influence (be able to understand and question) their employees effectively, to help them reach targets, achieve budget, overcome obstacles, and exceed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as they move to build a corporate coaching culture of self-actualising organisations.


Synopsys of Content

Day 1 – Introduction to the NLP Communication Model

To understand the overarching framework of the NLP Communications model; how all the components, skills models and distinctions come together to our create self reflexive consciousness – from which and to which we communicate.


To learn the core features of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Communication Model

To learn to understand how to run your own brain and help others do the same

To learn how meaning governs performance – in service of facilitating engagement

To learn how to connect with and influence with integrity

To learn how to detect the states and internal experiencing of self and others (emotional intelligence - EQ).

To learn about the mapping and movie making inside our minds as we “make sense” of information. This enables responsibility for self.



Day 2 – Introduction to the NLP Communication Model

To delve into the core ingredients of communication excellence to develop high quality listening skills, awareness skills, and “presence” skills in order to truly support another person (by creating a safe space of trust, care and compassion) in conversation to allow fierce (and crucial) conversations to emerge between Leader and Team).


To learn and practice how to listen to verbal and non-verbal communication.

To learn and practice how to listen multiple frames of meaning and intention.

To learn and practice connecting and relating at a higher level of rapport with others

To learn to stop one’s own internal chatter, judgments, and filters and “come to one’s senses” in being fully present to another person in communicating and listening.


Day 3 – Precision Questioning, Understanding States and Meta States and Detecting and Expanding Perceptual Patterns

To explore the basic structure and process of Meta Model Questioning, precision questioning, and solution oriented questioning. To explore how to use words for linguistically mapping out our and other’s sense of the world; the movies that we play in our mind, and to send messages to our bodies about how to feel those meanings and to explore how to work with our states and the states of another. To then explore, learn and use the Meta-Programs model so that we can listen for the structure of thinking and information process, to explore a format for detecting patterns, identifying perceptual filters, and using them to facilitate evolution and high performance.


To learn to use the key linguistic distinctions that govern the way we map things.

To learn and practice asking quality exploratory questions, that create more precise and fuller communications (expand the map).

To understand and learn to use the Well Formed Outcome (WFO) pattern to facilitate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a coaching or facilitation conversation.

To learn how to representationally track key words and frames (listen through time).

To learn how to use questions powerfully for expanding awareness and for inducing more resourceful states – to enable engagement and accountability.

To learn how to access and apply powerful mind-body-emotional states (emotional intelligence - EQ).

To enable the unleashing and grounding of creativity by closing the knowing/doing gap

To enable leaders to look reality in the eye without blinking

To learn and practice the skills of changing behaviours through changing habituated patterns of thinking To discover the template of Meta-Programs that help create our perceptual filters.

To develop some skill in recognition and use of the Meta-Programs.

To develop an appreciation of their value and importance and how to Meta Programs in facilitating change and evolution for their people and Teams.


Our coaching and training programmes are evidence based and provide
measurable Return On Investment (ROI) in terms of Leadership productivity,
Leadership effectiveness and retention of talented Leaders and their employees.
As part of the programme, we will agree some on some measureable Key
Performance Indicators (KPIs) and outcomes for the executive team.


“Wow, what an engaging and mind expanding introduction to Leading through Coaching!
The trainers created an environment that fostered enjoyable learning and inspired
everyone to want more. We can’t wait to take every opportunity to practice our new
skills and I’m excited to discover what the next layer of skills can unleash in me as a
GM. Thanks Jay and Joe for a fantastic three days.”
Timothy Lauricella, GM Operations, Nestle Australia
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The Coaching Room’s Corporate NLP  Advanced Communication Skills 
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