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INSIGHTS / Feb 13, 2016

What Are The Fundamentals Of Having A Good Life?

Posted by The Coaching Room

We all say we want a good life - who doesn’t?

But, what exactly does that phrase mean?

The highlighted points below offer much-needed clarity on what it takes to attain this aspirational goal.

Being productive
You cannot have a life of satisfaction if you’re not working or producing something.
Since as we all crave rest, we usually can’t sleep for too long (think back to your last extended holiday where you did nothing - weren’t you itching to get back to work?).
Resting gives us the strength we need to stay productive.

A Great Circle of Friends
These are people who you consider strong pillars of support, and would go above and beyond for you.
Having a solid group of friends has a significant effect on the quality of life you lead.

Cultural Identity
Having a clear understanding and deep appreciation of the cultural traits that make you unique (like traditions, music, language or heritage) is a vital part of living a colourful life - it should be celebrated and kept alive.

Deep Spirituality
Spirituality helps keep you grounded, deeply appreciative of what you have, and considerate towards others.
Don’t forget to invest in this aspect of your life - it is what separates us from other living creatures.

Great Family Members

The family is one of the most important things in life that needs investing. They are sources of inspiration, protectors, supporters, and form the bedrock of our identity and existence.

We hope that these few pointers offer a moment of reflection and inspire you to make the necessary investments where applicable.

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