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We are about; 'The Best Coach Training System' on the planet!


Coach Training Programs for Executive, Leadership,
Career, Personal & Life Coaches
The Coaching Room is Australia's premier organisation for Accredited Coach training  offering the internationally recognised, Meta-Coach Training System.
We provide public coach training programs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart.
Become a Coach

Global Coaching Methodology

Meta-Coaching is a world-wide coaching methodology people wanting become a professional Personal (life), Career, Executive, Organisational, Business or Sales Coach.,
Meta Coaching is a coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance type Coaching, taking the Coach and the client to higher levels – through Developmental and Transformational Coaching. That is why it iscalled ‘Meta Coaching’ which means to Coach at the higher levels of mind. At these levels profound change occurs naturally and easily, and the result is developmental transformation.
The Meta-Coach Training System is an accelerated coach training system that supports participants to move through learning modules, culminating in Master Coach Status. It is taught in an environment that facilitates the inner game (beliefs, identity, intent, drive etc.) to enable the outer game (the skills, the voice, the behaviours) of a Masterful Coach.

Focus Areas

This comprehensive program differentiates itself from other coaching education by integrating three key areas of a successful coaching career:

Your Self – your Professional Development
Your Skills – capacities & behaviours
Your Business – The what & the how of a Coaching business.

The Meta-Coach Training System draws on the Cognitive Sciences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics (NS) and integrates them into cutting-edge coaching psychology.These training programs are extremely rigorous (with very high standards) and your qualifcations are internationally recognised under the auspices of The International Society of Neuro Semantics (ISNS) and The Meta Coaching Foundation (MCF).

So join us to learn proven, current business strategies from people who have built lucrative coaching businesses. Gain the confidence and drive to put them into practice, and enjoy a new level of job satisfaction and financial rewards.

As a business and as individuals within The Coaching Room, we realise that we need our students, coachees’ and
corporate clients to be able to be and do what we do.
We also realise that our customers want the quality of personal and professional life available through what we
have to offer. This leads us to deeply valuing the principle of partnering. So our business tag-line expresses why
people choose us, it is that; we are here for each other, for them and for us, as partners in life and as; A Partner for Life

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