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Advanced ‘Executive Team’ Facilitator

A 3 Day Short Course (optional 4th day ) in advanced facilitation

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Attitude & Skills Training

Course Details

Welcome to The Coaching Room’s flagship corporate training program. The Advanced Executive Team Facilitator’s Training runs over a consecutive 3-days (or optionally over 4-days as x 2 two-day blocks).   

The training combines Integral-Semantics ® Integral Theory, General Semantic and Semiotics, along with numerous developmental facilitation models to provide a curriculum that elegantly weaves together the unique capacity to facilitate, through our own being and presence, to greater self (and other) awareness, leading to best practice attitudes, skillful means, action, and management of group dynamics.


Purpose of AETF

The purpose of the AETF training is to up-skill all members of an ELT to be able to be much more effective as people and process Facilitators.

Specifically, to learn and adopt key attitudinal and behavioural traits that are essential and advanced capacities for team and group facilitation.

The AETF is designed to teach and support each ELT member in the understanding and application of simple and profound facilitation tools and models. This is on behalf of providing Organisations with ELTs that can think and act in an interdependent way that gives back the power of self-sufficiency and self-actualisation around implementing their Organisations Leadership directions.

In essence the purpose here is to redistribute the capacity and power for engaged Leadership back to an In-House event.

This training will build skills, attitude and confidence in each participant’s ability to Facilitate and:

  • Gain objective awareness of current team dynamics and multi-causes
  • Enact disruption/deconstruction of current team dynamics
  • Construction of a different perspectives and team dynamics
  • Engage team effectiveness; to enable the team to measure and understand and track current and future Team objectives
  • To Identify, document and agree the team intentions including the actualisation strategy, actions and behaviours required as well as evaluation and measurement of progress and commitments in the face of new organisational information and or directions

Course Benefits

This training presupposes ELT members have the capacity to speak with a group in public and can manage their ‘state’ whilst doing so. Building on this and on completion of this training program, each ELT member will be ready and able to facilitate their own team. Also be able to engage any group of people (customers, internal, external stakeholders) with many different views, values and perspectives, and agendas while maintaining their own embodied capacities of facilitating by  applying this set of powerful Integral-Semantic® methods, techniques and facilitation skills.

Specifically, the benefits that each leader can expect from the program include:

  • Awareness of your current approach to being a Facilitator
  • Advanced facilitation skills for fierce and robust team and client conversations
  • Advanced negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Objective awareness of your thinking, sense of self, style and approach to facilitation, so that you can begin working on and developing yourself as a facilitator
  • How to bring the core principals and facilitation methodologies together and show up as an highly effective and engaging speaker and facilitator
  • Clearly understand and recognise the boundaries between facilitation and other modalities like consulting, therapy, mentoring and training


Download: The Complete Course Overview
We have delivered this skill-set across a wide variety of industries and organisations including; John Deere (Australia),
Milward Brown Vermeer (New York), Beiesdorf Skincare (Australia) GSK (UK) to name a few.