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Moments Awake

5-Day Spiritual Retreat
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Spiritual Retreat

5-Day 'Moments Awake' Spiritual Retreat

The Spiritual path offers to lead us beyond the stimulus-response syndrome, beyond aggressive-defensive behaviour, beyond the sleep of social conditioning, and beyond the slavery to the ego. It offers a very real vision of what a human being is and a deeper opportunity to Be You.  

Most of us at some point in our lives have had moments of being fully alive – a sense of immense joy, peace and clarity. Others have really glimpsed what it is truly like to be here, fully in this present moment view and living from ‘Here’.

Occasionally, the fear and sense of separateness of being a somebody in this world drops away and an unconditional felt sense of wholeness and kindness becomes our way of being for a moment or two.

Quite often, for a while at least the critical and constant voice in our head stops, we notice the eternal sense of intelligent silence that is always present through us, we are settling, our boundaries are fading, then we start talking about this and we're back in the noise.

Any of and all of the above happenings are a part of the process of Awakening and Self-Realisation.

Ah, the movement of Enlightenment, so profound, so certain, yet, so elusive and seemingly unstable.

Does waking up appear to take immense effort? Does it seem as though it’s down to some graceful opportunity? Often people start to sense that Awakening is for a very select few; worthy and righteous individuals.

  • How do so many aim to awaken, yet so few truly do?
  • Maybe it's the 30 years they have been meditating for?
  • Maybe it’s the special relationship with ‘that’ Guru?
  • Maybe it’s Karma, and those people really waking up have worked their karmic debt off?

Perhaps this is true, these may be pathways and processes toward Enlightenment; however, they certainly are not the only ones, and definitely not the most direct and efficient methods.

Sydney 20th - 24th May 2020
Melbourne 10th - 14th June 2020
Early Bird Price: $1649.00
Sydney 20th - 24th May 2020
Melbourne 10th - 14th June 2020

Are you ready for Awakening?

Are you looking for a method or technology that you can utilise yourself to facilitate your own profound and definite Awakening?

Then welcome to Moments Awake, a spiritual and self-realising movement that offers a pragmatic and systematic approach to Enlightenment. Building on Eastern esoteric knowledge and Western philosophical developments, we have modeled and mapped the human process of awakening into a ‘System of Awakening’, moment by moment.

We call this model; Moment 7 – seven moments to Enlightenment.



Moment 7

Each of the moments in this system represents a real perspective, yet a demi-reality preventing us unlocking the simple truth of how we forgot our true nature and, also, how we can recollect our true selves and remember our essential Identity.

During the course of the five-day retreat, we will be exploring, teaching, investigating you and your own level of awakening and self-realisation through the Moment7 model. You will discover your self through realising what you truly ARE NOT! We will be exploring and finding the gateway within you to discovering what and who you actually are, and who you need to be to get fully here.

This systemic approach to your own awakening will not be based on your beliefs or faith, simply on your own direct realising of your Truth.

We will travel through YOU, through your limitations and suffering, through your truth and self-realising, we will open up immense potential and freedom, spaciousness and clarity for you in yourself and in your life.

You will complete the Moments Awake retreat, much more fully awake, much more able to direct and deepen your own awakening; Aware and skilled in the use of the Moment7 model and skilled with a systemic approach toward your fullest Enlightenment.

Where Will You Learn?

This 5-day program is run face to face at the Sydney University Village in Sydney and in Melbourne Abbotsford Convent.

These venues have an abundance of natural light creating a great learning environment, which is comfortable to the senses, helping you feel welcomed, relaxed, ready to learn, evolve and have some fun. Has ample space for training delivery and break out space as you go explore and learn and practice with your fellow students.

So, you will find a stunning learning environment where you will be safe enough to, explore, be challenged and get supported, as you start facilitating your own profound and definite Awakening

Living The Inquiry

Be-come part of our growing, awakening,  evolutionary community!

There is a movement growing - a spiritual movement of people that have exhausted their resources on all levels using the mind to truly trying to find their 'selves' to know 'who and what they are'. 

We are poised - we are ready to be and find freedom, transcendence and immanence to retreat from the distraction that is the seduction ground of the Egoing process - referred to as "The Occupant".

Are You?


At the Spiritual retreat I enjoyed the opportunity to be with other people exploring 
and experiencing the relationship between being and doing. Moved to keep awakening to 
being the being. If you are questioning why you are doing things this retreat may be a 
place to be next time they hold it.
- Eimer Boyle

Meet Your Teacher

The development of ‘Spirit' is an emerging part of human evolution. It has occurred naturally and organically from our field and works in the various Human Potential methods we have been utilizing over the past ten years. We are delighted to bring this space and opportunity forward for you now. 

Joseph Scott leads the spiritual development offering for The Coaching Room and the community and will facilitate the 5-day Retreat. Having spent the last 7-10 years in an in-depth inquiry of the ‘truth of Spirit and Self', Joseph's unfolding and awakening has been gradual, subtle and significant. He has now been facilitating individuals in one-on-one Spiritual Inquiry to awaken to their true nature and Self over the last 4-5 years. He is now offering this service for larger groups.

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