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15 Tips for Losing Weight

Hey there, Max here from The Coaching Room, thanks for checking out my latest guide on how you can use coaching and NLP to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals!

In this guide I'll be sharing my own personal experience of applying these NLP techniques and frames of mind to exercise and healthy eating with some meaningful action points for you to take to achieve your fitness goals - whether that's losing weight, building muscle, improving your general level of fitness, eating healthy - or all of the above.

Download this 19 Page PDF

The thing is - you've never had a body without a mind or a mind without a body. They are not separate. Through this practice within the document, I've moved 10kgs on the scale in the last 4 months and have pushed well beyond some of my personal struggles and stepped more fully into my potential - so I'm excited to share these tips with you!


Max Young - Coaching Room Partner




Sally Castle
Marketing Manager - Climate Friendly

The NLP training program has given me the knowledge that being truly present with people is
possible – more deeply than I could have imagined. Even better, the course gave me practical
tools that I can use every day to achieve the deep connections with myself and those around
me (that I have been looking for).