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Stripping away imposed thoughts and beliefs, so you can simply be.


In today’s increasingly sophisticated world, our lives often end up being shaped by the attitudes and beliefs of those around us – without us even realising.

At The Coaching Room, we’re here to help by freeing you from the habits and thought patterns that are holding you back – so you can live a more rewarding, authentic life. By detaching your sense of being from other people’s expectations and judgements, you can live freely, without fear, and with nothing to prove.


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Are you looking to build your emotional intelligence, become more aware and unleash your true potential in life and work?

Download these 15 tips you can use to run your own brain!

With each tip, you'll be gaining greater awareness, an action or attitude to try on with an opportunity for self reflection. 

You'll be able to easily recognise when your mind is sapping your energy and stuck in negative gear – and what to do about it.

Empowering you to use your mind as an effective tool for change, improving the quality of your life, one tip at at time. 


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The four doors of The Coaching Room enable us to offer a diverse yet contained expertise as an Internationally accredited NLP Training Provider, offering both public and corporate NLP practitioner certifications, Corporate Executive Coaching services and a Coach Training Academy.


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