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Spiritual Retreat

Learn the Practice of Transformational Inquiry
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This Retreat will be first and foremost an opportunity for you to be true with the most significant person in your life; You. It is so totally rare for us to stop doing ourselves and spend focus and energy in being ourselves.


During this 2-Day "Truth Of Spirit And Self" Event, You Will Be:

  • Deepening and engaging in your very own living inquiry into the truth of your being
  • You will have space and support to genuinely search within yourself to discover who and what you already are, which most of us miss
  • You will discover and explore your essential Identity
  • You will be guided and facilitated through meditations and learn the skills and practice of transformational Inquiry
  • You will find the question that is unique to you in your search
  • You will learn through a question and answer session how to be you and how to find you

Upon Completion Of This Retreat you will:

  • Be on your way toward you, a truer and authentic you
  • You will have greater meditation and inquiry skills
  • You will have been with you and meet others as they truly are
  • You will be able to be and do rather than do and do
  • You will be ready and able to realise your truth and your Self more fully
  • You will be moving



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Upcoming Dates January 21st - 22nd 2017
(including GST)

Change Your Life Forever Through This Two Day Retreat Into Spiritual Inquiry At Kincross Mackie Chapel

The development of ‘Spirit' is an emerging part of human evolution.  It has occurred naturally and organically from our field and works in the various Human Potential methods we have been utilizing over the past ten years.  We are delighted to bring this space and opportunity forward for you now.  

Joseph Scott leads the spiritual development offering for The Coaching Room and the community and will facilitate the 2-day Retreat. Having spent the last 7-10 years in an in-depth inquiry of the ‘truth of Spirit and Self', 

Joseph's unfolding and awakening has been gradual, subtle and significant. He has now been facilitating individuals in one-on-one Spiritual Inquiry to awaken to their true nature and Self over the last 4-5 years.   He is now offering this service for larger groups.

Step Up And Journey With Us In This

Powerful 2-day Inquiry Into The

"Truth Of Spirit And Self"


Due to the nature of the content, delivery and training venue -

Limited Spaces Are Available. Don’t Miss Out On This Life-Changing Event

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At the Spiritual retreat I enjoyed the opportunity to be with other people exploring
and experiencing the relationship between being and doing. Moved to keep awakening to
being the being. If you are questioning why you are doing things this retreat may be a
place to be next time they hold it.
- Eimer Boyle

Meet Your Teacher

Your Spiritual Teacher is one of the Managing Partners of The Coaching Room, Joseph Scott

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