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are you ready to unleash your highest and best potentials with NLP?

Welcome to The Coaching Room’s internationally recognised Meta-NLP Practitioner certification training. Our NLP Training Courses run in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart.

Our 8-Day (face to face) Meta-NLP Practitioner Course* is only $1949 including GST, and includes 3 International Certifications: NLP Practitioner, Neuro Semantic Practitioner & Level 1, Meta Coaching Certification.
*Note – there are no prerequisites for this course.

Video Testimonials

Raw, unscripted and wild – just the way we like it.

Vivienne Howard, Business Development Manager NSW & Qld, Thomson Reuters
“This training opened my eyes, giving me the tools to creating a new level of awareness for myself first.”

John McCracken, Senior Manager, Financial Risk Management Advisory, KPMG

“I started the course with the hope I may be able to gain some skills to be a more effective leader, I finished the course unable not to be a more effective person for myself and all those around me. I believe the technical jargon for the type of change I have undergone is transformational.”

George Ribar, Director Promena Management Contracting & Consulting
“I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn to coach and communicate, and learn about themselves.”

Craig Lamberton, Director Specialised Regulation, Department of Environment & Heritage, NSW

“This course opened my mind to moving from communicating in black and white to communicating in FULL COLOUR. Great for leadership and great fun!”


Our NLP practitioner certification is internationally credentialed under the auspices of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS).


Our NLP certification courses are delivered in The Coaching Room’s training rooms at Sydney University Village (Newtown, Sydney), Monash University (Parkville, Melbourne) & the Baha’i Centre of Learning in Hobart CBD.

These are a great learning environments, with ample space for training delivery and break out space as you go explore and learn and practice with your fellow students. There is a lot of natural light and the rooms are extremely comfortable to the senses.

These facilities will enable you to feel welcomed, relax and get ready to learn, evolve and have some fun.

Our courses run from 9am each day through to 5pm.


Our NLP certification is focused on providing both challenge and support in finding your best and most effective self (your self-actualised self), so that you can live a great life and go out in the world and make a difference; your difference!

As part of this support, The Coaching Room (and The Meta Coach Foundation of Australia) sponsors ongoing NLP practise groups (monthly in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart). This is a great place to ground and continue your learning and development, and connect with other NLP Practitioners and like-minded people interested in practising and coaching. Membership and attending is at no cost to you (ongoing).


Upon successful completion of your NLP practitioner training you will become a member of a supportive learning community of over 2500 NLP & NS trainers, practitioners, coaches and individuals, passionate about human growth and development. This includes ongoing membership of the world-wide e-group, ‘Neurons’.

At The Coaching Room, there are no gimmicks – no chocolates in the post – no fancy DVD sets – just an outstanding training experience that will empower you to transform your life with full international certification as an NLP Practitioner, at a truly affordable cost.


We are offering Australia’s most cost-effective 8-day face-to-face, fully accredited NLP practitioner certification training. This world first provides a comprehensive introduction to NLP, access to the full range of models with deep understanding and practice, and industry-leading benchmark processes to calibrate your new skills. All this for just $1949 including GST (55% discount when compared to the industry benchmark).

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This trainings run in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart CBDs with a limited number of participants (35 in each course), supported by two qualified trainers and a minimum of three qualified assist team leaders, giving a learning ratio of around students to 7-1 trainer or assist team leader.

courses & dates

NLP practitioner course dates – sydney university village
our training room – sydney

The Carillion Room

Sydney University Village

90 Carillon Avenue, Newtown

November - December 2014
8-DAY NLP PRACTITIONER COURSE 35 (Sydney University Village)

Part 1 (4-days)
November 20 – 23, 2014

Part 2 (4-days)
December 18 – 21, 2014

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NLP practitioner course dates – monash university parkville campus

our training room – melbourne

Monash University

Parkville Campus

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

381 Royal Parade Parkville

There are no events scheduled at this time.

14-Day NLP Master Practitioner course dates – sydney university village

There are no events scheduled at this time.

3-day Module 2 Meta Coaching Genius course dates – sydney university village

There are no events scheduled at this time.

3-day Module 2 Meta Coaching Genius course dates – monash university parkville campus

There are no events scheduled at this time.

Places are first come, first served, so secure your place today – call us on 1300 858 089 or send us a quick email.

What is Neuro Semantic (NS) NLP?

In 1994 Dr. L. Michael Hall (Neuro Semantic Co-Founder) discovered a new NLP model; The Meta-States Model. This represents the leading edge in NLP Practitioner Training worldwide. This transcends and includes all of NLP today.

This means our Meta-NLP Practitioner Courses are about learning the knowledge and embodying all the Meta-NLP skills, models and distinctions, for actualising the freedom and power towards your own personal autonomy.

As an individual evolves from reactive to “others and the world” (the environment), toward harmony with it, their ability to influence the environment dramatically increases, at the same rate as the environment’s influence over the individual decreases! (Jenny Wade, Changes of Mind p267)

Are you ready to develop such personal freedom in your life?

Neuro-Semantic NLP is leading edge NLP in terms of knowing and applying the models and distinctions. That’s part of our vision and mission. Why? Because the standard of NLP taught around the world seems to have disintegrated. So we spend time deeply teaching and grounding NLP. All this is foundational. In far too many places, people get an NLP Practitioner certificate and have not even left their own home, they did it from a book or CD. Sadly, our experience has been that many ‘qualified NLP practitioners’ do not even have the basics. Our NLP practitioners will leave this training, knowledgable, skilled and ready.

Meta-NLP is high quality NLP in terms of applications.  To achieve this, we put a lot of emphasis on “apply to self”. Our stated certification policy is — you are not ready to use this material or these patterns on others until you have used them with yourself and applied then to your own issues.  This is what earns you the right to use it with others.  This is what creates your credibility with others.  We do this also because there are still a lot of people doing NLP on people and not applying to self. That makes them inauthentic, incongruent, and generally ineffective practitioners.

Meta-NLP is high quality NLP in terms of relationships.  As a Communication Model, one of the first things modeled in NLP was “the structure of rapport.”  And what was discovered from Virginia and Fritz and later Erickson, was that Carl Roger’s focus on “accurate empathy” could be obtained by spending time listening, noticing, observing, and calibrating to the other person and then matching them. So relationship is central to high quality NLP. This, in fact, distinguishes those who use NLP with respect and dignity and those who mis-use it for their own manipulations.

Meta-NLP is high quality NLP in terms of collaboration. If we learn NLP in a solid and thorough way, if we apply NLP to ourselves, if we build respectful relationships, then we will naturally and inevitably operate from a state of abundance (there’s plenty for all) and collaboration.  We will live above “the jungle” of the lower needs (Maslow), we will acknowledge sources, we will give credit to those we learn from, and we will seek to set up collaborative partnerships.  This lies at the heart of our Vision and Mission in Neuro-Semantics.


The Coaching Room offers 2 key pathways that you can take after our NLP Practitioner Course.

Pathway 1 is the Personal Development pathway (Master Practitioner, then if you are interested Trainer’s Training.

Pathway 2 is the Accredited Professional Meta Coaching pathway (read more, email us)NS-NLP-Pathways.jpg

Our NLP practitioner course curriculum – what you can expect

Here is some of what you can expect from your NLP Practitioner Certification Training program:

  1. Learn the art and skill of listening
    Introduction to, and skills in using, the NLP Communication model.
    A deep understanding of how you uniquely experience the world (out there) in here.
    How you make your world a delight or a disaster.
    How you delete, generalise and distort information in your world.
    How your state of mind-body-emotion has you and dictates the quality of your life.
    How you can master your states (and therefore reactions), to choose your responses.
    Watch eye chatter. Learn to listen with skill through sensory acuity & calibration.
    Find, rate and grow your listening skills with our unique “listening benchmarks”.
  2. Learn the skill of really supporting others
    Learn to gain instant rapport, how to meet people in their world – connect & relate.
    How to develop deep connection through a meeting of minds.
    Understand the language preferences of yourself & others.
    Step into wisdom in decision making as you learn the multiple perspectives of reality.
    Find and rate your supporting skills on our unique “supporting benchmarks”.
  3. Learn and grow your emotional intelligence (EI) through state management mastery
    Discover and use the ‘map/territory’ distinction.
    Learn to manage your states and grow your emotional intelligence.
    Learn state accessing, elicitation and anchoring.
    Find and rate your state induction skills on our unique “state induction   benchmarks”.
  4. Learn precision questioning – great questions are great questions!
    Introduce you to the Meta-Model to enable you to get to the heart of things.
    Free your thinking; learn there are multiple levels in language.
  5. Questions and their effects
    Understand POWER conversations for outstanding clarity.
    Find and rate your questioning skills on our unique questioning benchmarks.
  6. Learn to detect how you and others think
    Define, detect and work Meta-Programs (perceptual filters or habituated thinking patterns).
    The 60 Meta-Program template & Meta-Program mastery.
    Changing (gaining flexibility in Meta-Programs.
  7. The Meta States model
    Introducing the Meta-States model.
    Meta-states for framing and re-framing.
    Belief change simplicity (Meta-Yes/Meta-No).
    Learn the NLP six step reframe process
  8. Strategies and modeling tools
    The strategy elicitation model – understand the structure of excellence
    Strategy elicitation pattern – for unlocking motivation and making powerful decisions.
    Learn the Phobia Cure Pattern and how it works every time.
    Eliminate procrastination, gain alignment between intention and attention
  9. Time-lines
    Introduction to the time-line model
    Eliciting how you represent time spacially
    Changing your time-lines.
    The trance-logical levels.
    Using language hypnotically.
    The Milton model.
    Kinaesthetic time-lines.
  10. NLP & NS patterns
    Time-lines as Meta-States.
    Change personal history – transform old movies or experiences that no longer serve you.
    Change history using Meta-States.
    Release negative emotions that no longer serve you.

Your Trainers: Jay Hedley and Joseph Scott.

Participant feedback from previous programmes

Jan Cope HR Business Partner – Technology, Vodafone Hutchison Australia
Day 3, after completing the NLP Practitioners Course … where do I start! So
enjoying what I now think, see, hear + how I feel. This morning, I thought how fortunate I am to have experienced and felt and seen
changes that have occurred for me in the last 7 days.
As I arrived at work this morning, I was offered the opportunity to draw on new
resources and learning in a way I could not have ever imagined previously… I’m
loving that change!
I can only imagine what I will experience during the Masters in September ” Wow wow wow!”

Vivienne Howard, Business Development Manager NSW & Qld, Thomson Reuters
This training opened my eyes, giving me the tools to creating a new level of awareness for myself first. The program offered me immediate tangible changes in how I view my experiences and thoughts, both personally and professionally. I’d highly recommend the course to anyone looking to grow their awareness of states and how to master them in any context.

John McCracken, Senior Manager, Financial Risk Management
Advisory, KPMG
As I write this testimonial I realise that I completed this less than 24hrs ago. Yet my view of the world only three days ago seems like a distant memory compared with how I experienced the world today, it is profoundly different in the most positively powerful way. I started the course with the hope I may be able to gain some skills to be a more effective leader, I finished the course unable not to be a more effective person for myself and all those around me. I believe the technical jargon for the type of change I have undergone is transformational.

This has been evidenced in almost every interaction with my family and team over the last day. There are many examples I could share, one of the most powerful in a personal context I is a conversation between my 8 year old daughter and my wife this morning – from the mouths of our babes;
Daughter – “what happened to Daddy on the weekend?”
Wife – “why do you ask?”
Daughter – “he was just so nice to us last night”
Wife – “what do you mean sweetie”
Daughter – “he just really listened to us all like he never has before”

I now listen so effectively that I am able to hear things that I didn’t know existed three days ago; presuppositions, deletions, distortions, generalisations, meta-programs, to name a few. Even when trying to keep a lid on responding to what I was hearing, I was able to stay so completely present to my team members and really catch where they were coming from (and some of the programs they were running which got them there). I was also able to deliberately switch states as appropriate to different situations, which made the interactions more effective and outcomes derived more efficiently.

Kerry Sefton, Group Manager, People & Systems, Griffith City Council
I had long been interested in NLP and Neuro-Semantic coaching. Well I got much more than that, as an experienced HR and Learning Development Manager, I thought I was well tuned to people and a good listener – boy did I find out my limitations. It was a transformational experience for me and I came back to work absolutely hooked on how I could make myself a better person and therefore a better manager and team member.

I am a member of the senior management team within local government and had long advocated that as a team we needed some training/coaching to make us function better as a team and operate more strategically and suggested The Coaching Room as our coaching providers.

Following an exchange of emails and calls with Jay I presented the team with the Unleashing Leadership 3 day course. I informed the team that we would be acknowledging where we were now on an individual basis in terms of what leadership skills we had, how our personality types – gained from the Enneagram – influence our behaviours, then think about where we wanted to be and how we were going to get there.

I did say that the course was probably going to be confrontational but everyone felt that they were up to the challenge and the mood was, I’d say, apprehensive excitement. The coaching has exceeded our expectations. The 3-day course is being followed up by specific group coaching and one to one coaching with Jay and Joseph to inbed what we have learnt and how we want to be in the future.

I do believe that the one to one coaching that we are receiving makes all the difference and I know from the feedback I am getting from the team that the coaching is having an impact not only on our working lives and how we inter-act with each other but is also influencing our private lives as we open up and become more self-aware. The Coaching Room guys are not just another team of ‘trainers’ they are much more than that and the difference is felt from the first hour – we couldn’t recommend them more highly and are planning to have a long relationship with them as we can see the benefits of their coaching throughout our organisation.

Lisa Taggart, Student at the Australian College of Applied Psychology- Coaching Essentials Participant.
I received greater awareness of human nature & human Meta Programs (thinking patterns). I also feel that I have accessed the way to profound change in my life & for others close to me. I feel that I am much more aware of my choices, coming from specific frames of reference.

Jason Bailey, Manager – Anglicare Australia.
I found the training extremely insightful and extremely beneficial – both professionally and personally. I highly recommend this for anyone looking at coaching, managing and leading.

George Ribar, Director Promena Management Contracting & Consulting
I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn to coach and communicate, and learn about themselves. The knowledge learned will greatly assist with positive outcomes – both personally and professionally.

Craig Lamberton, Director Specialised Regulation, Department of Environment & Heritage, NSW
This course opened my mind to moving from communicating in black and white to communicating in FULL COLOUR. Great for leadership and great fun!

Sally Castle, Marketing Manager, Climate Friendly
This course has given me the knowledge that being truly present with people is possible – more deeply than I could have imagined. Even better, the course gave me practical tools that I can use every day to achieve the deep connections with myself and those around me (that I have been looking for).