Are you ready to unleash your highest and best potential?


Our 8-Day NLP Practitioner certification is focused on providing both challenge and support in finding your best and most effective self (your self-actualised self) so that you can live a great life and go out in the world and make a difference – your difference!



The Coaching Room’s NLP Practitioner training is an interactive, humourous, practical, skills-based program, grounded in the field of coaching. This means you will be developing skillful means (horizontal growth), as well as your worldview (vertical growth). You will be learning and embodying new understandings and models across the whole 8 days.

Upon successful completion of your NLP practitioner training, you will become a member of a supportive learning community of over 7500 NLP trainers, practitioners, coaches and individuals passionate about human growth and development.

As part of this support, The Coaching Room sponsors ongoing monthly NLP and Coaching practise groups in Sydney & Melbourne. This is a great place to ground and continue your learning and development, and connect with other NLP Practitioners and like-minded people interested in practising and coaching. Membership is included in your NLP Practitioner Course, and attending these community monthly practise groups is at no cost to you (ongoing).


The Coaching Room NLP Practitioner courses are targeted specifically at professional people who are passionate about self-development and making lasting positive change personally and collectively. It is for those people who want to be at the forefront of adult development and human transformation. Specifically, our training programs will help:

  • HR Executives, HR and HR professionals committed to helping individuals & teams thrive.
  • Learning & Development Managers that would like integrate the models of NLP into their training and coaching.
  • Executives, Leaders & Managers wanting to build a corporate coaching culture of self-actualising employees.
  • Experienced coaches, trainers, public speakers wanting to up-weight their core essential coaching and communications skills.
  • New coaches wanting to take the fast track to becoming an Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC)
  • Consultants, Creative agencies & Research agencies who want a structure and model to communicate and collaborate more effectively with their clients
  • Sales & Marketing Managers who want to maximise their personal and professional potential

Most importantly, Individuals who would like to develop their communication skills, relationship with others, manage their mind, behaviours, emotions, and take control of their life… is that YOU?

Free Ebook: NLP Practitioner Course

The Coaching Room‘s NLP Practitioner Training. 8-DAYS.


Here is some of the benefits that can expect from the NLP Practitioner Training program:

  • Learn to run your own brain – and help others run theirs
  • Manage your own moods, attitudes and states (eg. when public speaking, asking for a pay rise or having difficult conversations)
  • Effectively manage conflict – create healthier interactions
  • Skillfully manage outcomes and agreements (getting the outcomes you want)
  • Achieve high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Create effective rapport with significant others – deepen and accelerate relationships
  • Develop growth in terms of your worldview (capacity to hold more perspectives)
  • Effectively engage and collaborate with significant people in your personal and professional life
  • Lead and influence performance through the creation and sharing of powerful meanings
  • Learn to facilitate outcomes through asking powerful questions that get directly to the heart of the matter


Here is the curriculum for the NLP Practitioner Training program:

  • Learn the art and skill of listening at multiple levels
  • Learn the skill of supporting others – deep rapport
  • Learn and grow your Emotional Intelligence (EI) through state management mastery
  • Learn the Model of precision questioning – great questions are great questions!
  • Learn the Well-Formed Outcome Questions model for Coaching and Facilitating.
  • Learn the Meta Programs model to help you detect how you and others habitually think.
  • Learn to run your own brain with the The Meta States model – the model of self-reflexive consciousness.
  • Learn the strategy elicitation model for creating empowering strategies and destroying disempowering ones.
  • Understand how to master time with the Time-lines model, along with many other NLP patterns.

Download: NLP Practitioner Course Outline


Your trainers include the Managing Partners of The Coaching Room, Jay Hedley and Joseph Scott, as well as James Hayes and Madeleine Robinson. To view our trainer profiles, click here


We are offering Australia’s most cost-effective 8-day face-to-face fully accredited NLP practitioner certification training. This world first provides a comprehensive introduction to NS-NLP, access to the full range of models with deep understanding and practice, and industry-leading benchmark processes to calibrate your new skills. All this for just $1949 including GST (55% discount, when compared to the industry benchmark).

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In 1994, Dr. L. Michael Hall (Neuro Semantic Co-Founder) discovered a new NLP model; The Meta-States Model. This represents the leading edge in NLP Practitioner Training worldwide. This transcends and includes all of NLP today.

This means our NLP Practitioner Courses are about learning the knowledge and embodying all the NLP skills, models and distinctions for actualising the freedom and power towards your own personal autonomy. As an individual evolves from reactive to “others and the world” (the environment), toward harmony with it, their ability to influence the environment dramatically increases, at the same rate as the environment’s influence over the individual decreases! (Jenny Wade, Changes of Mind p267)

Are you ready to develop such personal freedom in your life?

Neuro-Semantic NLP is leading edge NLP in terms of knowing and applying the models and distinctions. That’s part of our vision and mission. Why? Because the standard of NLP taught around the world seems to have disintegrated. So we spend time deeply teaching and grounding NLP. All this is foundational. In far too many places, people get an NLP Practitioner certificate and have not even left their own home, they did it from a book or CD. Sadly, our experience has been that many ‘qualified NLP practitioners’ do not even have the basics. Our NLP practitioners will leave this training, knowledgeable, skilled and ready.

Neuro-Semantic NLP is high quality NLP in terms of applications. To achieve this, we put a lot of emphasis on “apply to self”. Our stated certification policy is — you are not ready to use this material or these patterns on others until you have used them with yourself and applied then to your own issues. This is what earns you the right to use it with others. This is what creates your credibility with others. We do this also because there are still a lot of people doing NLP on people and not applying to self. That makes them inauthentic, incongruent, and generally ineffective practitioners.

Neuro-Semantic NLP is high quality NLP in terms of relationships. As a Communication Model, one of the first things modeled in NLP was “the structure of rapport.” And what was discovered from Virginia and Fritz and later Erickson, was that Carl Roger’s focus on “accurate empathy” could be obtained by spending time listening, noticing, observing, and calibrating to the other person and then matching them. So relationship is central to high quality NLP. This, in fact, distinguishes those who use NLP with respect and dignity and those who misuse it for their own manipulations.

Neuro-Semantic NLP is high-quality NLP in terms of collaboration. If we learn NLP in a solid and thorough way, if we apply NLP to ourselves, and if we build respectful relationships, then we will naturally and inevitably operate from a state of abundance (there’s plenty for all) and collaboration. We will live above “the jungle” of the lower needs (Maslow), we will acknowledge sources, we will give credit to those we learn from, and we will seek to set up collaborative partnerships. This lies at the heart of our Vision and Mission in Neuro-Semantics.


The Coaching Room offers 3 key pathways that you can take after our NS NLP Practitioner Courses.

Pathway 1 is the personal development pathway to Master Practitioner
Pathway 2 is the professional coach pathway
Pathway 3 is professional facilitator pathway

Why The NLP Practitioner Course is Module 1 of The Meta Coach Training System

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