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The Coaching Room specialises in Executive Coaching and Training, Leadership & Management Coaching and Training for C-Suite Executives, new & current leaders and their organisations in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane.

The Executive Coaching Problem

To date, executive coaching is an unregulated profession, this means anyone can call themselves an Executive Coach, hang out the coaching sign and hey presto, they are in business. This has been extremely useful in getting the executive coaching industry growing, yet it has not been successful in getting the industry moving forward productively.

Today there are many coaches and coaching companies offering their own brand of executive coaching that is actually anything but coaching. Today, you can get one-on-one mentoring, training, consulting, therapy, suggestion sessions and business advice all provided by an executive coach!

The only problem is that none of these services have anything to do with executive coaching.

Many of the C-suite Executives, HR Directors and Managers we talk with for the first time are often disgruntled or disillusioned with their experience and the results of executive coaching for themselves and their organisation. This is hardly surprising given the vast array of possible services one can receive under the banner of executive coaching.

Executive Coaching Defined

There are many ways to define executive coaching, yet it all comes down to this:
executive coaching is about facilitating, in a one-on-one setting, the resources, understanding, knowledge, skills and attitude of, or available to the coachee, to a pre-agreed outcome, through the process of asking facilitative questions.

This means that an executive coach does not have the answers you need, only the questions you need to hear. They will not give advice, only their focused attention.

An executive coach is a specialist in context and structure.

An executive coach is not there to help the executive with the past. They are there for the executive today and tomorrow. The coach’s primary role is to facilitate the executive’s leadership & management potential; to be the very best you can be as an executive!

Our executive coaching programmes cover 2 key areas with the executive.

  1. Leadership Coaching
  2. Management Coaching

These areas are discussed in detail and can be accessed by clicking on the links above.

The Executive Coaching Solution

Here at The Coaching Room, it is part of our mission to provide individuals & organisations across Australia with world-class executive coaches that set the benchmark for what highly effective coaching is, and actually deliver powerful and lasting results!

When co-creating our programmes we take into account the executive’s challenges, their needs, wants, timeframes and vision (this includes a set of agreed key performance indicators for each session and the program as a whole).

Our executive coaching solutions have already helped our clients with:

  • Understanding the being & doing of world-class leadership
  • Creating followership in others
  • Turning motivation into a leadership propulsion system
  • Leadership conflict resolution
  • Career management and leadership transition
  • On-boarding of senior leaders – ‘The first 90 days’ coaching programme
  • Coaching and working with executive board members
  • Self-leadership
  • Leadership team development
  • Leadership style development
  • Building & transcending the organisation’s culture
  • Crystalising and communicating the leadership vision and strategy
  • Decision facilitation for quality leadership decisions

Your internationally experienced and accredited Executive, Leadership and Management coaches have been facilitating transformational & generative change with C-level leaders and Managers including CEOs, Managing Directors, Senior Managers, Senior Executives, Board Members and entrepreneurs, as well as new leaders, since 2003.

Additional Executive training solutions

Our leadership training workshops have helped hundreds of leaders to identify and address the fundamental leadership problem. Our training programmes range from a single half-day workshop to working with your entire Executive team to transform your organisation. Our training workshops are an exciting, challenging, transformational journey, designed for all leaders at all levels.

Our workshops include:

  • Self -Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Self-Actualisation Leader’s Workshop

World class Executive diagnostics

Return on investment

Our coaching and training programs are evidence based and provide measurable Return On Investment (ROI) in terms of leadership productivity, leadership effectiveness and retention of talented leaders and their employees. You may ask us to speak with one of our clients to better understand how our coaching and training can provide a high quality ROI for you and your organisation.