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Developmental Executive Coaching is about facilitating, in a one-on-one setting, the resources, understanding, knowledge, skills and attitude available to the executive, to an agreed developmental outcome, through the process of asking highly effective and insightful facilitative questions.

This means that an Executive Coach does not have the answers that the Executive needs (the Executive has those), only the questions they need to hear – in service of their development.

Our Executive Coaches are specialists in human development – in the developmental process, leadership context and the structure of human potential.


Program Overview
The Coaching Room’s Developmental Executive Coaching program is designed specifically to help empower C-Suite Directors and Senior Executives. The Developmental side of our Executive Coaching is the awareness and integration of blind spots and developmental switch points that hold the Executive back from achieving their full potential.

Program Cycle Length and Timings
Our Developmental Executive Coaching program is delivered fortnightly in 6-session cycles over a 3-month period. Each cycle has a developmental theme that weaves through each coaching session and practise, as agreed to by the Executive and the Coach. It is normal for Executives to complete 2 or more cycles with their coach.

Scope of delivery
Our Developmental Executive Coaching programs are available to individual Executives and teams, both nationally and internationally. The Coaching Room offers both offline (face to face) coaching within Australia and on-line (live video (Skype GoToMeeting etc. and telephone) coaching sessions. With over 6 years of providing national and international coaching support, The Coaching Room supports the significant benefits of both face to face and video/telephone access equally.

Included Services
Our Developmental Executive Coaching program includes Executive Coaching Plus (Board Member or Leader Feedback and conversations throughout the Executive’s Coaching Cycle), as well as our Living 360 degree feedback interviews with peers, colleagues and direct reports.


You and your organisation can expect your Executive in Coaching to gain:

  • More self-awareness of personality and behaviours
  • A better understanding and knowledge of Leading versus Managing
  • To create effective rapport with peers, colleagues, reports and the board of Directors
  • To develop growth in terms of worldview (capacity to hold more perspectives)
  • To be able to effectively engage and collaborate with the entire Executive Team and Board of Directors
  • To lead through the creation of a pioneering and engaging vision
  • To lead the organisation’s social systems (learn to lead systemically)
  • To become objective and lead the organisation’s culture
  • To create impartial external accountability to team and organisational outcomes


The Coaching Room’s Developmental Executive Coaching is a process that enables the Executive to become more aware of their current approach to situations, people and themselves.

It enables them to see new possibilities with fresh eyes and then build sustainable new competencies to achieve the outcomes or objectives that deeply matter to them and their organisations.

The Coaching Room delivers its Developmental Executive Coaching programs through what we call ‘coaching cycles’. A coaching cycle contains 6 one-to-one (fortnightly) coaching conversations of 60 minutes each.

With every session or coaching conversation, there are 2 key components:

  1. New seeing (insights, awareness) – these can be ah-ha moments and realisation of blind spots etc., and;
  2. New doings (actions, behaviours, practices) –include on-going practices to build the new muscles needed for the Executives’ Developmental and Coaching objectives.


Incorporated into the Program is Executive Coaching Plus – the inclusion of 2 additional x 15-minute meetings with the Executive’s Leader (or Board Director). These conversations occur prior to the cycle commencing and during the cycle completion session (or afterwards).
These conversations are an opportunity to gain valuable insights into direction, as well as the Executive’s blind spots and Developmental opportunities. This process also helps to ensure that the coaching cycle is
aligned with the desired organisational outcomes as well as the individual’s outcomes.


The Coaching Room’s Living 360 process is a revolutionary approach to gaining high quality feedback from peers, colleagues, direct reports and managers. The quality comes from the Coach’s capacity to facilitate specific, measureable, evidence-based feedback that can be used to aid in the Executive’s growth and development.
The Living 360 includes conversations with up to 6 people and is most often incorporated after session 2.
The fee for the inclusion of the Living 360 is simply the forfeiture of a single coaching session.


Our selective diagnostic instruments provide a sound, measureable basis for beginning the developmental process.
They also assist with creating objective awareness of the Executive’s thinking (attitude), their sense of self (beliefs, values, identity), style and approach (behaviours).

  • The Enneagram Personality Profile (Included)
    The Enneagram personality tool is used to facilitate awareness of the Executive’s Current Way of Being (CWOB) in terms of habituated thinking patterns, attitude, behaviours, responses and reactions to people and situations.
  • The Self Review process and Well-Formed Outcome (WFO) Survey (Included)
    The Self Review process and WFO survey is the Coaching pre-work completed by the Executive to help them identify their current personal, professional and organisational needs.
  • Lines of Development (Included)
    The Lines of Development lens looks at the Executive’s current level of capacity and competency in each of 10 key Developmental Intelligence Lines, and aligns each with the Executive’s Coaching topic and outcomes, therefore identifying developmental blind spots. Lines of Development include Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Moral Intelligence, Interpersonal (relationship) Intelligence, Needs Intelligence, Somatic (embodiment) Intelligence among many more.
  • Developmental Stages Assessment (Included)
    The Developmental Stages Assessment is an assessment methodology for human development, devised by Terri O’Fallon, Ph.D. This stage assessment maps your meaning making by identifying your current worldview (stage of human development). Created from Developmental Psychology, this assessment is particularly useful for Leadership and Organisational Development.


The Coaching Room Developmental Executive Coaching is specifically for CEOs and C-Suite Executives and
Directors interested in self-development and making lasting positive change, both personally and collectively.
It is for those Executives who want to be at the forefront of adult development, human
and organisational transformation.

Specifically, our training programs will help:

  • CEOs, Directors and Executives
  • Executive Teams wanting higher performance and more inclusive Leadership



Your Coaches include Managing Partners of The Coaching Room,
Jay Hedley and Joseph Scott, as well as a range of other highly
qualified, experienced Executive Coaches




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