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The three doors of The Coaching Room enable us to offer a diverse yet contained expertise as an Internationally accredited NLP Training Provider, offering both public and corporate NLP practitioner certifications, Corporate Executive Coaching services and a Coach Training Academy.

The Coaching Room’s offices are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Hobart, delivering Public & Corporate NLP trainings and Coach Trainings (in Sydney, Melbourne & Hobart) and Executive Coaching (all throughout Australia and Internationally).

Our generative, developmental approach to self-actualisation

Here at The Coaching Room, we are very enthused about our Developmental Coaching and NLP Practitioner and Coach Training programs. All our various offerings are about generating new possibilities and potentials within individuals and groups with a focus on today and tomorrow.

The Coaching Room’s Coaching and Training processes facilitate people to unlock potential, to self-discover and achieve beyond their current competence & capacities.

Our approach utilises the very best of many of the world’s leading methodologies of human potential movement, with particular subscription to: Self-Actualising Psychology, Neuro-Semantics & NLP, supported by an Integral Theory framework.

These disciplines provide The Coaching Room’s products and services with academic methodological rigour and integrity, enabling significant and sustainable results.

Self Actualisation Psychology is:

The psychology of the ongoing actualisation of potentials, capacities & talents, as fulfilment of an individuals (and/or organisation’s) mission and purpose.

Neuro-Semantics is:

About discovering our best selves through creating rich and robust meaning, which we then actualise by embodying in our neurology as ‘peak performances; along with the core Neuro-Semantic Model, ‘The Meta-States Model’, we have the ability and you can count on us taking the process of self-actualisation to the next level.

Integral Theory is:

An all-inclusive framework, that draws on the key insights of the world’s greatest knowledge traditions. The awareness gained from drawing on all truths and perspectives allows the Integral thinker to bring new depth, clarity and compassion to every level of human-endeavour — from unlocking individual potential to finding new approaches to global-scale problems.

Your coaching room Coaches & Trainers

Your professional, accredited coaches are all fully trained and accredited in the Meta Coaching Foundation’s Meta-Coach Training System as Neuro-Semantic ‘Self- Actualisation Coaches’.

Managing Partners

The Coaching Room’s recent chapter

The Coaching Room was birthed in February 2006 and merged with Joseph’s company (Apex Leadership International) in 2008, when both Joseph and Jay realised the opportunity of creating a ‘TEAM’ – Together Everyone Achieves More.

We also recognised that there was a tangible shift toward individual and group empowerment gained through a desire to know, grow and realise ourselves, each other and the possibility of human potential.

Today we work exclusively in parity-based partnership with our clients and students, for us partnership is: An interdependent relationship where both parties and committed to each others sustainability, evolution and potential.

The Coaching Room is about:

  • Joy
  • Love
  • Clarity
  • Strength
  • Wholeness
  • Compassion
  • Personal autonomy
  • Self-actualisation via self-realisation

The Managing Partners (Jay Hedley and Joseph Scott) have a passion for helping individuals and organisations (as we have been helped), to realising their fullest potential.

We directly experience, through the support of effective and efficient support and direction, that each and everyone of us can awaken to our highest potentials, in a way that transforms and serves all.